120mm Cloudwheel Kit for Teamgee - Make Electric Skateboards Go Faster!


A Major Innovation in the History of Hub Motor Skateboarding!

With exclusive patented DFC damping technology, the Teamgee all-terrain wheels can filter most of the vibrations compared to traditional PU wheels, which is a great innovation in the history of skateboard wheels.


What is the 120mm Cloudwheel Kit for Teamgee?

120mm cloudwheel kit for Teamgee, as the name suggests, this is a powerful wheel, suitable for all terrains. In addition, the cloud wheel combines motor and tire sleeve in a perfect way that it can be used directly on the motor.

120mm cloudwheel kit for Teamgee can give you the most comfortable and unexpected riding experience.



Product Specifications: 120H

Diameter: 120mm

Width: 64mm

Hardness: 78A

Color: sky blue, marmalade orange and obsidian black

Tread Type: Special multi-step tread pattern

Matters needing attention:

Don't use the wheel on wet road;

When using the wheel, you must wear a helmet and other protective equipment.




  • Exclusive Patent DFC Damping Technology

Compared to traditional PU wheels, it filters out most of the vibrations, allowing you to glide more smoothly.


  • Powerful Shock Absorption

120mm Cloudwheel Kit for Teamgee vs. Ordinary Fetal Skin


  • Bigger & Faster

30% bigger than normal PU hub motor wheel sleeves, making your ride unobstructed and faster.


  • Great Increase in Speed

120mm cloudwheel kit for Teamgee can increase the maximum speed of your ride by 6mph compared with normal 90mm tread speed.


  • Curved Wheel & Unique Tread

The curved tread design enables the electric skateboard to effectively increase the grip and anti-slip force of the wheels when sliding at high speeds.


  • Light Weight & Easy Installation

Cloudwheel kit for Teamgee have a low density, are extremely light, and can float on the water. Compared with wheels of the same size, wheels with cloudwheel kit can decrease torque consumption when starting an electric skateboard.


More Advantages:

Exceed the shock absorption limit

No more feet numbness and take you anywhere you want to go!

Cloudwheel kit for Teamgee can better adapt to rough roads, greatly reducing the vibration of riding and bringing you a much more comfortable riding experience.

Better appearance, more power

Cloudwheel kits not only pursue excellent shock absorption performance, but also bring much more fashionable and cool appearance.

Controllable deformation

The perfect wheel hardness reduces the mileage loss caused by excessive wheel deformation due to soft wheels.

Wheels are very essential parts for an electric skateboard. Good quality wheels can be the icing on the cake for your ride. Cloudwheel kit for Teamgee will give you an unexpected riding experience!

We also have powerful new motors and a brand new electric skateboard ready to launch. Let’s wait and see!

For instant info of the new product of Teamgee, you can follow the links as below,

Teamgee Official Website: https://www.teamgee.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/teamgeeskateboard

Ins: https://www.instagram.com/teamgeeskateboard/

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