Teamgee Super Motor - Your Electric Skateboard Energy-saving Partner


Here it comes!The Teamgee all-terrain wheel is here with its friend: the Teamgee super energy-saving motor!

Well. The Teamgee super energy-saving motor and Teamgee all-terrain wheel are a set of close partners. The perfect combination of the two can greatly reduce energy consumption, thereby increasing riding mileage.

Compared with the previous ordinary PU hub motor, Teamgee super energy-saving motor can contribute 20% energy-saving and 10% increase in speed to your electric skateboard.

Just put the Teamgee all-terrain wheel directly on the energy-saving motor to use.


The advantages of the Teamgee all-terrain motor wheel

  • The wheel with less contact patch and energy-saving motor so give you a longer range than previous wheels.
  • Due to the 120mm bigger-size wheel and direct motor installation which decrease the 20% energy-consuming than belt motor, this motor wheel can increase the max speed by 10% than the rubber wheels.


Now, we would like to share some riding test experience of this new motor wheel with you!

  • Incredibly Comfortable

When you install these Teamgee all-terrain wheels on your board, it is literally going to be like you purchase a brand new electric skateboard because the ride experience is completely different! - incredibly comfortable when you go over cracks and bumps, the wheels literally just eat up and dampen whatever you're going over.

  • Increase Safety Margin

This kind of wheel allows you in most cases and scenarios to be able to roll over more things - cracks and vibrations and you are a little bit more safer.

  • Better Riding Performance

You will get a higher top speed definitely and a longer range compared with rubber wheels which are softer that eat up some range.


All right, DON'T FORGET that we will launch a brand new electric sakteboard that is equipped with the Teamgee all-terrain wheel and the Teamgee super energy-saving motor together!



For instant info of the new electric skateboarrd of Teamgee, you can follow the links as below,

Teamgee Official Website:



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