How to Change Your Electric Skateboard Battery - It's So Easy

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We're going to be looking at how to change your battery in your electric skateboard. Using the right way, so that you stay safe and you don't fry any of the electronics that's inside your skateboard.   

Things needed to swap out the battery:

A new battery, T-Tool, an Allen key or a hex key( get the right size),a hairdryer, a Stanley knife( to remove the grip tape covering the screws on top of the deck of the board). 

Operation steps:

  1. Take the grip tape off without leaving any adhesive on the deck. Using a hairdryer, lightly warm up the grip tape, then pull it back.
  2. Once it's nice and warm, you get your Stanley knife and you just lift up the edges and just pull back. 
  3. Grab your Allen key and start un-tightening the screws that hold this battery case together.
  4. Swapping the battery. Unhook the big yellow cable first, and then the red one(or maybe smaller yellow cable). Secondly, we'll take this little controller out. There you have the battery.
  5. Connect the 2 red cables( or small yellow cables) from the battery and the deck. Then the bigger cable comes next.
  6. You can see in this battery casewhere is a little bit of a cut-out in this bracket. The cables fit nice and snugly in there. Put this gasket back on. Hide these cables in there. 
  7. Then, line up these holes of the deck and case and then hold the case in place while we turn it over.  
  8. Plug the nuts into the holes just to make sure that they get through. Then tighten the nut  
  9. Make sure that the deck is nice and clean on top. Lastly, apply this grip tape.

For more intuitive operation, please refer to the video(H20 MINI) as below,( changing battery method of all the Teamgee skateboards on sale is similar.)


Any questions about how to swap out the battery on your electric skateboard, please feel free to contact us.

Additionally, replaceable battery are available on Teamgee website.

1 comment

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