120mm Cloudwheel Kit For Teamgee H5/H9/H20/H20T/H20mini(90MM version)

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Exclusive Patent DFC Damping Technology

CLOUDWHEEL Donut has an exclusive patented DFC damping technology, which can filter most of the vibration compared with the traditional PU wheel.

This is a major innovation in the history of skateboarding wheel. 30% bigger than normal PU hub motor sleeves, making your ride unobstructed.

Great Increase in Speed

120mm diameter Teamgee all-terrain wheel can increase the maximum speed of your ride by 6mph compared with normal 90mm tread speed.

Redefining The Limit Of Shock Absorption

Excellent shock absorption effect is achieved in limited space!

Better adapt to the rough road, greatly reduce the bumpy feeling of riding, and bring you a comfortable riding experience.


Better Appearance, More Strength

CLOUDWHEEL Donut not only pursues excellent shock absorption but also brings a better appearance.

Product Specifications: 120H

Diameter: 120mm

Width: 64mm

Hardness: 78A

Color: sky blue, marmalade orange and obsidian black

Tread Type: Special multi-step tread pattern



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  • Do they fit on the h5

    Hi, yes, the cloud wheels fit on the H5.

  • Is there anyway to purchase only the rear wheels?

    Hi, sorry about that we don't sell the rear wheels separately.

  • Just put these on my H20, that has the new version of the seahorse remote. Is there a way to let the remote know that the wheels are now 120MM instead of the 90MM so the speed is displayed correctly?

    Dear customer,

    Thanks for your message.

    Can you reset the remote? Can you see the wheel speed of the remote? The wheels speed of the cloud wheels should be 84 while your original data is 64. Please contact market@teamgee.com if you don't set up it.

    Have a great day!

  • Can I use cloud wheel 105mm for h20 mini?

    Hi, yes, you can use the cloud wheels if your H20mini is with the 90mm motors.

  • Will the 120mm iwonder cloudwheel fit the teamgee h20 mini? If not what will?

    Hi, the H20mini with 90mm motors can use cloud wheels.

  • Does it come with the hub plates

    Hi, yes, we will send you the hub cover in the parcel.

  • Does it come with the hub plates

    Hi, yes, it comes with the hub plates.

  • Hi, how much faster will my H20 go with this?

    Hi,120mm diameter Cloud wheels can increase the maximum speed of your ride by 6mph compared with normal 90mm tread speed.

  • Does it come with the hub and bearings for the front wheels for the H20T? Can you post photos of what I will get for the H20T?

    Yes, they are included. The package list: 2 * front cloudwheels +2 *  rear motor sleeves + 4 * bearings + 2 *hub motor covers + 1 * wrenchs + 2 washers+ 4*risers + some screws.

  • When you talk about « new version of H20mini », it’s when we change 80mm hub myself with new one on your website accessories ? I buy my H20mini 2 month ago and I received 80mm version on the skateboard?

    Hi, your H20 mini should be the old version with 80mm hubs.

  • Do you know how these wheels affect the speed of the board? Will the board have a slower acceleration or max speed? Also, do you know how the battery life of the board is changed from these wheels?

    Hi, it normally can increase the maximum speed of your ride by 6mph compared with normal 90mm tread speed, but it has little impact on the riding range.

  • Does this kit come with a front and back pair of wheels for the H5 model? One of the photos shows all wheels covered, but the picture of the wheels only shows the back pair.

    Hi,it included the front wheels.It is a set of wheels for the board.

  • Hi, Will this fit the h20 MINI? it say h20 mini but then "H5/H20MINI (only for 90mm hub motor)"?

    Hi,they are suit for the new version of H20mini which with the 90mm motors.(they can't fir with the H20mini with 80mm motors)

  • How do I know if my H20mini is the 90mm model?

    You can measure the diameter of the wheel directly to confirm the version.

  • Bonjour, j'ai acheté le H20mini en AOUT 2021 : était ce la version 80mm ou 90mm ? Merci.

    Hi, the H20mini with seahorse remote is the 90mm version, otherwise, it is 80mm version.

  • I have the newer H20 Mini. Not the first generation. Will the 120mm cloud wheels work for the new H20 mini?

    Hello, yes you can use the Cloudwheels if you have newer H20mini.

  • How do I make the h5 stop rubbing with these wheels?

    Hi, please tighten the truck. It should be that when the turning arc is large, the wheels may touch the wooden board. Tighten the bridge a little bit.

  • How can we tell which size hub motor is on our h20 mini. I just purchased the mini a week ago. Would that mean mine is 90mm hub?

    Hello, the size of the hub motors. But you can diagnose the version of it by the remote. The board with seahorse remote is the new one, if not, the board is old version.

  • Will these wheels fit the H3?

    Hi, no, they can't be compatible with the H3 DIY.

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