Teamgee has dozens of core members working on the Electric Skateboard project. 


Teamgee began its business as an OEM and ODM of various electronic components but it didn’t limit itself there. For the past few years, Teamgee has established itself in the E-mobility world offering products such as the hoverboard, electric-scooter, and unicycle. 


In 2016, Teamgee started to get into the electric skateboard business and has been selling fairly well in the Chinese market.


Teamgee electric skateboard project is the brainchild of the company owner, Mr. Sun. Mr. Sun is not a skater but an avid sports enthusiast. Like many of us, he found electric skateboard is much more fun as compared to the likes of the hoverboard. With the structure that Teamgee has, it is easy for him to get into the electric skateboard business so that was what they did. 


Teamgee has more than many boards in development, including an electric skateboard booster drive. The pintail H6 is the most recognizable by far and that was the reason why we chose to enter the international market with it. 


We want to build Teamgee, an innovative brand that is dedicated to making premium electric skateboards with minimalist design and offering skateboarding lovers a better experience.

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