• New Product Launched - Teamgee G3

    New Product Launched - Teamgee G3

    Teamgee officially launched a new electric skateboard, Teamgee G3. A new field, new exploration, and new challenges make the entire Teamgee group excited and energized, as well as all the friends who like Teamgee full of expectations. Teamgee G3 electric scooter is the latest addition to the world of electric vehicles. This state-of-the-art personal transportation device offers a range of features and benefits that...
  • New Add-ons Arrivals

    New Add-ons Arrivals

    Hello everyone!We are happy to announce that our new add-ons for electric skateboards have arrived! These new accessories will bring freshness to your electric skateboarding activities and make your experience even more fun!The new add-ons are:The Headlight Kits for Electric SkateboardThe Tail Light Kits for Electric SkateboardThe Electric Skateboard Carrying HandleNext, let's discuss why we added these add-ons. The Electric Skateboard Light Electric skateboards...
  • 2023 Spring Festival Holiday Notice

    2023 Spring Festival Holiday Notice

    Dear Customers,As Spring Festival approaches, we would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a happy, wonderful, and healthy year ahead.In accordance with our tradition, the Teamgee team will be out of the office from January 14 - 29 to celebrate Spring Festival with our family and friends. During the holiday, you can most certainly continue to place orders on our website and...
  • Holiday Notice From Teamgee Team | Happy New Year 2022

    Holiday Notice From Teamgee Team

    Happy holidays! New Year is coming, wish you and us Happy New Year~ Teamgee office will be closed from 2022 Jan 1st to 2022 Jan 3rd (BJT).
  • Upgraded Teamgee H20 MINI Electric Skateboard | Let Us Find the Differences

    Upgraded Teamgee H20 MINI Electric Skateboard

    Hey guys, we have upgraded the Teamgee H20 MINI and maybe you should check out this cute super cool fishtail~~
  • Recreate Your Electric Skateboard | Teamgee DIY Kit H3 Makes this Happen

    Recreate Your Electric Skateboard

    Do you struggling with your electric skatebaord for its length? Or if you wanna DIY an e-board for yourself, come here and see how H3 makes it.
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