Teamgee H20 MINI Electric Skateboard with Kicktail

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Teamgee H20 MINI Portable and Powerful
Small But Mighty, Portable & Interesting
Teamgee H20 Mini electric skateboard is a super portable and powerful electric skateboard with a 31-inch short deck and functional kick-tail making the board easy to turn and fun to ride. Equipped with 2 * 450w dual hub motors and a 7.5Ah battery, giving you access to lightning-fast acceleration.


Teamgee H20 MINI
Teamgee H20 MINI Range 18 miles
Teamgee H20 MINI Top speed 24mph
Top Speed
Teamgee H20 MINI 3-4 Hrs Charging Time
3-4 hrs
Charging Time
Teamgee H20 MINI 25% Hill Climbing
Hill Climbing
Teamgee H20 MINI IP54 Waterproof
Teamgee H20 MINI Max Load 286lbs
Max Load
Teamgee H20 MINI Component
Small But Power
Teamgee H20 MINI has a lot of power in the compact body, equipped with an electronic speed controller, 2*450W hub motors, and a 7.5Ah battery that can easily climb up to 25% inclines. You will have access to lightning-fast acceleration, a top speed of 24Mph/38Kph, and up to 18miles/30km range. Skateboarders will enjoy a more powerful and smoother experience.
Teamgee H20 MINI with 2*450W hub motors
Elegance & Portable
Teamgee H20 Mini is the second short skateboard except for Teamgee H8. Equipped with a 31-inch short deck and only 7.5kg, you can carry it everywhere you go, perfect for commuting or just for fun.

H20 MINI has a compact shape and smooth lines. The combination of black and gold is classic and exquisite, and it is more attractive than other mini electric skateboards on the market.
Teamgee H20 MINI only 31-inch and 7.5kg
Manoeuvrable & Flexible
The well-designed kick-tail of the H20 MINI provides better control. Use the rear kickboard to take sharp turns, navigate bumps with ease, and make your ride exciting and fun by expertly maneuvering your board. Perfect for young adults and teens looking for more fun.
Teamgee H20 MINI Portable Electric Skateboard
Smart Control
The Seahorse Smart Remote included with the H20 MINI is ergonomically designed and comes with 4-speed modes: L, M, H, H+, and 4 brake modes: B1, B2, B3, and B4, which can meet the different needs of your ride.
Besides, you can switch the display from Kph and Mph. And the stable mainboard signal connection will bring a source of infinite pleasure and enjoyment to your riding experience.
Teamgee H20 MINI Seahorse Remote
Teamgee H20 MINI 7-ply Canadian maple
Strong and Durable Deck
The deck of the Teamgee H20MINI E-skateboard uses 7-ply Canadian maple, and the deck is strong and can carry up to 286lbs.
Teamgee H20 MINI with 90mm PU Wheels
PU Wheels
H20MINI comes with 90 mm PU wheels and is compatible with 103mm rubber wheels and 120mm Cloudwheels.
Teamgee H20 MINI Aluminum Alloy Case
Aluminum Alloy Case
The battery case and ESC case are made of aluminum alloy to protect the electronics from damage during driving.
Teamgee H20 MINI compatible with the 120mm Cloudwheels Kit
Explore All Terrain
This board is fully compatible with the 120mm Cloudwheels Kit. Tires are easily replaced, providing you with a more comfortable and smoother riding experience.

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  • Hi, Is the newer version available(90mm tire) if not, can i get it somewhere else?

    Hello, yes, there are only H20mini with 90mm motors on sale.(2022/7/6)

  • Is it possible to replace the originals wheels by the cloudwheels that you sell on this website with the "H20MINI (90MM MOTOR VERSION)" model ? Thx

    Hi, yes you can. But your H20mini must be the version with 90mm motors.

  • Da spento si può usare come un normale skateboard ? È feenato o scorrevole ?

    Hi, yes. You can use it like a normal board when it is turned off.

  • Hom many volts does the 7.5AH battery have on theis board?

    Hi, the nominal voltage of the 7.5ah is 36V.

  • How long can i use the tires (in km) until i have to change them and wehre do i get tires for the h20mini i cant find the right ones in the internet .

    Hi,the time of using is depended on the road you riding and your weight.Please contact ud if you need the 80mm

  • what is the battery specifications on the the h20 mini, it only says 7.5AH but how many volts/WH?

    Hi,the volts of the H20mini is 270WH.

  • I’m looking into replacement battery for my H20mini and just wondering what’s the range different between 7.6ah and 9.6ah batteries?

    Hi, the 9.6ah battery normally can reach more 5~10km range than the 7.5ah one.

    The 9.6ah is 28-35km.

    The 7.5ah is 18-25km

  • how long does shipping take for Santa Barbra California

    Hi,the H20mini are in the port of the US .They are available around two weeks later.(9/9/2021)
    The shipping time is 3-7 days.

  • how long does it take to ship to Canada

    Hi,the shipping time is around 8-12 days.(8/2021)

  • what is the price from china to Australia is it more expensive? than america

    Hi,  because we have local warehouses in USA and EU countries currently, so we cargo shipping some models to the warehouses from time to time and express parcels from there to our Customers in local. But we currently don't have a warehouse in Australia, so we need to airshipping the parcel from China, which is far more expensive than normal shipping. But we will cover the import taxes. Thanks for your support!

  • can u get this board from usa to australia

    Yes, we can ship boards to Australia by airshipping and we will cover the import tax.

  • how long is the shipping from china to Australia

    Hi, the shipping is around 6~ 11 days.

  • from which country do you deliver to Australia ?

    Hi, we provide free airshipping to Australia from China. ETA 10~12 days to deliver and we cover the import tax, so no extra cost for you.

  • Hi, your link for replacement wheels for the h20 mini did not work. Can you send a new link please?

    Hi,this is the purchse link:

  • From which country do you deliver to Finland? Thanks already

    Hi,H20mini are in stock in European warehouses currently.

  • Can u fit the rubber wheels on the "H20 MINI" ?

    Hi, sorry to tell you that the rubber wheels aren't compatible with H20MINI.

  • I need any replacement hub sleeves for the h20mini that are available. I cannot use my board until I get new sleeves. I would love to be able to use the rubber wheels that are on the h20t. I would do whatever is needed to make that switch. Cloud wheels would be amazing.

    Hi, please click the "black" option on this link, you can order the H20MINI sleeves for replacement here:

  • Can I take these on a plane?

    Hi, Its battery capacity is 270 Wh, which is not meeting air transport certification standards and can not be taken on board.
    However, the regulations for the battery could be various from airlines. Please check with your airlines to know more details.

  • Commercial flights allowed?

    Hi, Its battery capacity is 270 Wh, which is not meeting air transport certification standards and can not be taken on board.
    However, the regulations for the battery could be various from airlines. Please check with your airlines to know more details.

  • I’m looking for H20mini rare PU sleeves replacement.

    Please click the link and then choose the Black color for ordering it:

  • Just wondering if can the battery upgrade to 9.6ah on H20 mini? And the battery on the list of accessories is 9.6ah?

    Yes, the H20mini is compatible with the 9.6ah battery. Please send an email to before ordering it. Our support team will help you.

  • Do you sell replacement hub sleeves for the rear wheel or do you have to replace the whole hub?

    Yes, the rear PU sleeves for H20mini are temporarily out of stock, but we currently have H20mini front wheels for replacement in stock, please write an email to our support team if you need to order them. Email box: 

  • How is the cable to charge the board?

    Hi, the board comes with a charger, and the charging port is underneath the deck.

  • Tenéis ruedas para H20 mini?

    Sí, actualmente tenemos ruedas delanteras H20mini en stock, escriba un correo electrónico a nuestro equipo de soporte si necesita solicitarlas. Casilla de correo electrónico:

  • Does the H20 Mini come with the wall bracket? Or do we have to purchase the bracket separately?

    Hi, H20mini doesn't come with the wall bracket. So you may need to order it separately.

  • Will 90 mms sleeves fit in the accessories

    Hi, The wheels of H20 mini is 80mm.

    The wheels for mini is out of stock now and it may back in stock 4-6 weeks later.


  • I'm looking for speed and climb. Eye has been waiting for meepo mini to go back to 389. If ever but the H20 50 cheaper right now it does go 18 mi to a charge. I just want that little more speed and hill climb with the mini. I've been searching for over year now. Want something better than my single hub. I was a sponsored skater for 13 plus years so I want a tail as I think I said earlier. 50 difference for 2 450s, to meepo 2 540s. But meepo standard is 11 mi. Really what would like to kinda know I guess. Which one. I mean I'm itching to. You guys tease me everytime I see the H20 200 off. I just don't know. Any expert opinions. Also I swore you used to be able to upgrade to a 9.6 on the H20. You don't anymore? Also really thought with all bad going in my life I might of won on a monthly board. I know long shot but wishful. Then isn't there also a promo I could use I decide on this 1 also. I know I entered for months possible win. But also got quite a few others for signing up for things and well never used obviously.

    Hi, for details. Please send an email to for further discussion.

    Waiting for your email and have a nice day!

  • Does the h20 mini have regenerative braking

    Yes, it does have a regenerative braking function.

  • How long does it usually take to arrive to Florida?

    Hello, we have a warehouse in LA and you may receive it within 7 days.

  • Hey guys! Do you ship to Israel? And can you ship a board when it is not assembled? I'm afraid the customs here will take it😅

    Sorry to tell you that we don't ship to Israel.

    Thanks for your understanding.

  • Hey there, let say if in the future i want to replace the grip tape, can i use any / 3rd party grip tape to replace the original?

    Sure, if 3rd party grip tape fits the shape.

  • Hey, can i replace the wheels with random 80mm sized wheels for any skateboard (universal)? or if not, where's the link to the 80mm wheel specialized for this skateboard.

    Hello, please send email to us for H20mini wheels.

    Because the quantity is small, we do not sell it publicly.

  • I lost my H20 Mini remote, How can I buy another one please Help

    This is a link that you can purchase a new remote:

  • Hi, i'm very close to purchasing this. I'm a confident snowboarder, but i weigh around 95kg Is that likely to drastically reduce the top speed / range? If so roughly how much? Kind Regards

    Yes, Weight affects speed and mileage, but we don’t have accurate data.

  • Are the back wheels of the h20 mini rubber and can they be replaced

    Yes,the back wheels of the h20 mini can be replaced.

    But wheels for H20mini are not on sale.(09/29/2020)

  • Is H20 Mini airplane friendly?

    Battery is installed in e-skateboard, which may hit some limits/restrictions. Please make sure you contact the airlines before your starting travel.

  • Time to Shipping

    For delivery details, we appreciate an address before we provide the correct information.

    Please feel free to contact us at : )

  • Is possible to fit 90mm wheels (same as on H20) on this board ?

    Sorry to inform that they are not compatible.

    The diameter for H20/H20T wheels is 90mm while that for H20mini is 78mm.

  • Can the rubber wheels fit the h20 mini

    Sorry about that the MINI do nit fit the rubber wheels and other PU wheels.

  • Can you please release more details to the specs of this board

    Please tell us what do you want to know about this h20mini by sending an email to Thanks.

  • How are the brakes for it?

    The h20mini equipped with the Hobbywing ESC, so it only has one break mode.

  • Can u fit the rubber wheels on this board

    Yes, the rubber wheels can fit h20.

  • What is the Wh rating of the h20 mini?

    Hello, the battery capacity of H20 MINI is rated at 7.5Ah/270Wh.

Teamgee H20 MINI Electric Skateboard with Kicktail
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