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Teamgee H20T Electric Skateboard With Rubber Wheels
Special Offer: 1. We will send you a set of PU wheels ($79.99 value) as a gift with your H20T orders. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The H20T is designed to bring speed and stability for any level of rider on any road. Step...
$899.00 $599.00
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Teamgee H20 Electric Skateboard Longboard & Best Choice for Commute
Teamgee H20 is designed for electric skateboard beginners and intermediate riders. On open roads and densely populated cities, H20 will bring you the speed and response you need for smooth navigation alongside traffic. Maple & Fiberglass Deck 8 ply Canadian maple + 1 ply...
$699.00 $379.00
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Teamgee H20 MINI Electric Skateboard with Kicktail
Teamgee H20 MINI electric skateboard has a 31-inch short deck and functional kicktail which makes the board easy to turn and fun to ride. It is equipped with  2*450W hub motors and a 7.5Ahbattery. You will have access to lightning-fast acceleration, a top speed...
$599.00 $349.00
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Teamgee H5 Blade Electric Skateboard With Drop Through Deck
Ultra-thin polymer lithium batteries are used for our electric skateboards. High battery power frees you from worrying about charging issue during riding. Being small in size and light in weight, the batteries hide in the deck and make the board more portable for commuting. The built-in...
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Teamgee H3 Electric Skateboard DIY Kit H3
     Unique Giving you the freedom to use any kind of deck you want. Creating an unique and perfect e-board for your style of riding.  DIY H3-Do the job of two If you are tired of riding electric skateboards, you can remove the electric...
$359.00 $299.00
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