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Customer's Review

Great board for daily use

I bought this board for daily use while I was staying in NYC for an extended time! its absolutely worth it! it easy to ride and fast when you need it to be...

Teamgee H20T

G Pai

21 Oct, 2022

Very pleased awesome skateboard

I really enjoyed the skateboard it gets me around everywhere I need to go I love taking it out on rides even when not necessary it's fun and definitely recommend to everyone never too late to jump on it e board
Justin Shockey

17 Jun, 2022

Sweet board

I've now had nearly 3 months to get to know my Team Gee H20 longboard, and I've gotta say this is one sweet board. I live half a block from the beach so I'm riding along the boardwalk all the time.

Teamgee H20

Jeff Williams

15 Aug, 2022

Best board in it's class

I been skateboarding for 20+ yrs. This skateboard hands down the best ride I ever had. I use it everyday. I have put over 10,000 miles on it and it rides perfect.
Paul Hastings

Wednesday, Jan 26, 2019

H20 Best bang for the Buck!

I’ve been money riding my board for months and I can’t say enough good things about it. It’s the perfect size it’s super fast and it’s a blast to ride. I also want to shout out to customer service for giving me the support I needed!

Teamgee H20


12 Apr, 2022

Best deal on the market.

Best price for the best specs. I've bought so much different equipment from these guys and it always performs. I'm really pushing this thing to its limits too. Super durable.

Teamgee H20

Adrian Rosales

29 Mar, 2022

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