What Electric Skateboard Should I Get? Which One Is Perfect for Me?


We currently have 4 electric skateboard models for you to choose from.

  1. Teamgee H20T
  2. Teamgee H20
  3. Teamgee H20 MINI
  4. Teamgee H5

Of course, buying an electric skateboard is not a small amount of money, so choosing the right one is particularly important.

Don't worry, let's take a closer look and find the perfect electric skateboard for you.

Some Factors to Consider

We buy a thing for its feature, so does the e-skateboard. Here are some common factors that may influence our purchase decision.

  • Price
  • Speed
  • Range
  • Uphill
  • Deck Size


1. Teamgee H20T

Teamgee’s most expensive board

It offers the following performance:

  • 26mph top speed
  • 22mile range
  • 30% hill climb rate

The Most Stable Ride with Wider Tires

The H20T is designed to bring speed and stability for any level of rider on any road. At 21 pounds it’s also not that heavy compared to other competitors out there!

And it’s only $629.00, a good value compared to other brand boards.

It also offers 4 different speed modes which you can choose based on your environment.

Great board with 38inch length.

Skateboard for climbing.


2. Teamgee H20

Different from H20T, the H20's wheels are not rubber wheels, which can reach a higher speed and range.

  • 26 mph top speed
  • 25 mile range
  • 30% hill climb rate

Similar to the H20T, it also offers a 38 inch super flex deck at 21 pounds net weight. 

H20 is designed for riders who focus on speed and performance, only at $499.

Should you get this board? Ok, let's see the last 2 boards.


3. Teamgee H20MINI

It has‘Mini’in the name for a reason.

It is right for some customers wanting for a more compact and smaller e-board and also cheaper on consumer's wallets.

H20 MINI is a super portable and powerful electric skateboard with a 31-inch short deck and functional kicktail making the board easy to turn and fun to ride. Smal but offers great performance:

  • 24 mph top speed
  • 18 mile range
  • 25% hill climb rate

Only $399 on Teamgee's website.

Should you get this board? Yes, especially if you're into the smaller size.


4. Teamgee H5

Being 38inch and light in weight, the batteries hide in the deck and make H5 more portable for commuting. The built-in batteries also guarantee a pretty and neat appearance, only costs $429!

  • 22 mph
  • 11 mile range
  • 20% hill climb rate

Should I get this board?


So, what should I buy?

  • For small board lover, H20 MINI is the right choice for you.
  • For climbing lover, H20T stands out of the boards.
  • For super slim board chasers, H5 is tailor-made for you.
  • Riders who focus on speed and performance, then choose the H20.


Every TEAMGEE skateboards are designed for people with specific needs.

Come and pick one board for youself on Teamgee.com.


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