How to Replace Wheels & PU Sleeves of the Electric Skateboard ?


Yes, the front wheels as well as the PU sleeves on the rear motor will worn out.

Sounds bad, right?

The wheels get tired of carrying you and your pleasure on the road every day, and the more they wear out means you're really spending time with your travel companion.

You may say, what can I do? can I still ride my electric skateboard?

Don't worry, of course you can! We can replace the wheels! All electric skateboards purchased from Teamgee come with a pair of front wheels and a pair of PU  sleeves, just in case you need them.

But I don't know how to replace them?

All right. Let's learn how to replace the front wheels and PU sleeves together!

Replacement Steps:

  • Replace the front wheels:
  1. Use the T tool (included in the package) to loose the bolt
  2. Keep the parts and remove the front wheel
  3. Place with a new front wheel and put the parts back on
  4. Tighten the bolt with the T tool
  5. Check if the wheel is tightened too much (By spinning it to see if there is any resistance)
  1. Do the same for the other wheel
  • Replace the PU Sleeves

  1. Remove the 6 screws using a hex key from the T tool
  2. Remove the PU sleeve by puling upwards (keep all the screws somewhere safe for later; recommend to apply some lube inside the PU to protect the motor)
  1. Put the motor cap on & put all 6 screws back in
  2. Spin it to see whether it is too tight
  3. Do the same for the other hub motor


If you're still not sure, watch the replacement video as below,


If you have any other questions about electric skateboard, please feel free to ask us. : )

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