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The first electric skateboard emerged in 1975, Berkeley, California by Jim Rugroden in his brother's garage.

Interestingly enough, the prototype already had a push-start feature and was gasoline-powered which was later banned due to the noise and pollution.

Some landmarks in the creation of electric skateboards include:

  • 1975, Jim Rugroden creates the first powered skateboard
  • 1990’s, Louis Finkle invents and patents the first wireless electric skateboard
  • 2006, Some initial concepts and designs for electric skateboards start appearing
  • 2009, FIIK Skateboards, a group of friends, start making electric skateboards based on the original design and sell them to family and friends
  • September 2012, Boosted Boards launches on Kickstarter
  • October 2012, Boosted Boards successfully raises $467,168 USD and starts mass production
  • March 2014, Boosted Boards ships their first 100 skateboards
  • November 2014, Boosted Boards offers two new models, offering more choices in price and performance, with dual motor boards
  • 2015, New and different brand electric skateboards appear, many starting with Kickstarter to crowd-fund. The new electric skateboards have different innovative features, such as the Inboard, with electric motors inside the wheels

Fast-forward to 2018, electric skateboards have apparently become more and more popular and many are starting to use them as a serious means of transportation instead of just for recreational use.

Picture this, it's Monday 8:45 AM and of course you slept through your alarm clock without completely recovering from being in weekend mode. You hurry up to get dressed and rush out of the door with your car key and then you see this:

Now rewind, history is about to be rewritten. 

You rush to the door and slap on your helmet, within seconds, you are already shredding the streets so smoothly (don't forget to play your favorite superhero theme song in the background for theatricals) that makes all the drivers stuck in the traffic wish they could be as fly as you.

BOOM, you arrive just in time to save the world. And hey, it's eco-friendly so you really are in a way saving the world by not producing extra carbon dioxide.

Let's get real, who doesn't like to have those breezes in your hair without breaking a sweat? Not to mention that riding an electric skateboard on concrete is really like all-you-can snowboard! 

Shenzhen, China is the home for many electric skateboard companies: Meepo, Ownboard, Wowgo, Exway, just to name a few.

What sets us apart from others with all the aspiring electric skateboard companies?

Simply put, we produce the thinnest electric skateboards on the market.

The powerful 3.6v polymer battery is beautifully hidden inside the deck and then sealed with a heat-resistant tape, a waterproof tape and a grip tape on the top.

Say goodbye to bulky battery enclosures and replace them with a stealth looking electric skateboard that just looks like a regular longboard!


We are young but we want to have a voice too.


Teamgee Timeline: 

  • April 2018, Shenzhen Teamgee Electric Co., Ltd. is established
  • May 2018, Teamgee raises $333,696 USD (featured as "Indiegogo Team Favorites") and sold over 700 boards on Indiegogo
  • July 2018, Teamgee opens a warehouse in US
  • August 2018, Teamgee optimizes their website and supports credit card payment
  • September 2018, Teamgee opens 3 repair locations in US and Czech Republic
  • October 2018, Teamgee raises $196,479 USD and sold over 640 boards on Kickstarter
  • October 2018, Teamgee has all the models (H5, H6 & H9) in stock in US
  • November 2018, Teamgee starts a new crowdfunding campaign on Makuake.com in Japan


Direction of Teamgee Electric Skateboards - we firmly believe that the future of the industry will be the competition of innovation and technology on developing electric skateboards with more stealth appeal, increased portability, extended range and more safety features.

With the rapid growth of this industry, a lot is yet to be navigated through and regulated in electric skateboarding. 

We are more than thrilled to be a part of the evolution. 


Thank you for reading until the very end!

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