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You’ve probably seen electric skateboards buzzing about your city or underneath the feet of YouTube celebrities. You might glance at them and be quick to think they are just another fad. Or maybe you’re a little intrigued by these little vehicles. Either way, I’m going to tell you the best reasons for getting an electric skateboard and how they will greatly benefit your everyday life.


It Will Save You Money

I’m hoping to hit the final nail on the head with my very first point.

This is the best reason for buying an electric skateboard. It is also the most underrated reason.

People look at the price tag of the expensive electric skateboards and think, “wow, I can’t afford to spend over $1,000 on one of those things…”

Sound about right?

I get it, they are expensive units. But what if I told you, that buying one would actually save you money.

The average cost of running a car in America is US$0.51 per mile. And that’s in America where gas is relatively cheap. It’s even more expensive in Europe, UK and Australia.

Teamgee's top-of-the-line electric skateboard is the Teamgee H9 and it costs $699.

If you were to replace your car with riding this electric skateboard, it will only take you 1,371 miles to make your money back. Think about all of the miles you do and where you could be saving big bucks!

It might sound ridiculous to do 1,371 miles on an electric skateboard, but it adds up real quick. Let’s look at it this way.

Say you drive 2 miles to the station everyday to get the train to work. That’s 4 miles per day. It will only take you 342.75 until you’ve paid off your eboard. That’s less than a year!

But, I can guarantee, you’ll be wanting to ride a hell of a lot more than 4 miles per day. You might even be able to ride all the way to work.


Reduce Carbon Emissions

Global warming is a widely debated topic, so I won’t go into the details regarding this issue.

All that is necessary to say is, reducing your carbon footprint can only do good for your wallet and the environment.

Going green is the new black.

Jump on your new electric skateboard and make an impact to the environment and have fun while you’re doing it!


Liberate Your Commute

Let’s face it. No one enjoys sitting in peak hour traffic. Although, the rise of podcasts have made the journey a little easier.

On average, Americans spend 52 minutes a day travelling to and from work. That’s an extra 4 hours and 20 minutes a week you don’t get for yourself.

When time is our most precious commodity, we should be doing everything we can to make the most of it.

That’s the entire theory of riding an electric skateboard to work. You’re out in the open, whizzing past the crawling cars on the main road and feeling amazing.

It’s one of the most freeing feelings you will ever have. You are now in control of your journey to the office. And I can assure you, by the time you get there you’ll be so invigorated, the work day will be a breeze.


Surf on the Land and Snowboard Without Snow

Is your life devoted to the slopes? Or do you spend all day dreaming about the perfect curl?

Now you have the opportunity to feel that rush any time of year and on the solid land.

Because there’s no kick-pushing required, electric skateboards give you that sense of carving a barrel or shredding the powder while riding the concrete lines.

Teamgee H6 Pintail Electric Longboard is designed specifically with the traditional longboarders and surfers in mind. Check out this H6 review to see just how rad it is.


Turn Errands Into an Adventure

There’s not much worse than getting back home after doing the groceries and realising you’ve forgotten the milk…

But there’s no point crying about it. In fact, you’ll be glad you did. Now you have the perfect excuse to jump on your eboard and shoot off to the store to grab it.

You might even find yourself ‘forgetting’ few more things every now and then.

Looking for more fun ways to use your electric skateboard? Check out our last blog post Get Creative with Your E-board!


Meet New People

As soon as you purchase your first electric skateboard, you enter an exclusive community of eskaters.

Without a doubt, there will be a local group of people near you that get together on a regular basis and go for rides together.

Everyone in the eskate community is really friendly and welcoming. You’ll always feel comfortable and part of the family with other eskaters!



That’s a short but the best list of reasons for why you should buy an electric skateboard. There’s no doubt that you would benefit from riding an electric longboard. Whether it’s saving money, the environment, running your errands, carving all year round or getting to meet new people, there’s an excuse for everyone.





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