Recreate Your Electric Skateboard


You can use Teamgee H3 to DIY your favorite electric board as you like!

Choose the board whatever you want, and leave the rest to Teamgee H3!

Turn your regular board into an electric skateboard like a magic~~


Well, let us find out the magic of H3,

What is Teamgee Electric Skateboard DIY Kit H3?


  • Easy to install

Only in 3 steps, give you a magical elecric skatebaord~

  • Easy to learn & use

TeamGee supports an easy-to-use remote control.

Using Teamgee H3, makes your board into an electric board, and now just ride your board like a normal electric skatebaord~

If you are a beginner to electric skateboard, don't worried, click here to learn to ride it soon.


  • DIY your own board

Choose the board you like, and e-skateboarding your super cool board aha~

Ordinary skateboards of any sizes can be upgraded to electric skateboards!!



Top Speed: 16mph/ 26kph

Board Weight: 21lbs/ 9.5kg

Range: 6.2mile/ 10km

Uphill: 15% grade

Charging Time: 1.5hrs

Load: 176lbs/ 80kg

Hub Motor: 400W x 1

Remote: classic remote


Any more questions or suggestions about Temgee H3, please kindly let us know. :>

Or find other electric skateboards on ~




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