Off-Road Electric Skateboard: Things to Know before Purchase


There is no denying that an off-road electric skateboard is better than the normal commuting eboard for the riding experience.

Here is a fact,

I rode a normal eboard to over the shock absorbing belt in a quite low speed, but I almost fall off the board,

While on the H20T off-road board in the same speed, everything is ok and I have traveled over the shock absorbing belt.

Most of my friends say, off-road eboards are indeed easy and stable to ride. I feel much safe when riding on H20T.


Teamgee H20T


Well, just a personal experience for you guys. Okay, let us move to the main topic.

Things to know before purchasing an Off-road esk8

1. What is an Off-road esk8?

Like the H20T, it is an off-road eskateboard.

Off-road eskateboarding is similar to any other off-road activities.

An off-road eboard allows you to enjoy riding on gravel, sand or grass, etc.
You can easily accelerate and paddle over these rugged terrains.


2. Why off-road esk8 is a better choice? (compared to normal commuting esk8)

  • More stable, comfortable riding experience in different road condition compared to normal esk8.
  • Better performance, such as top speed, battery capacity, brake system, etc.
  • Experience various fun of different riding condition, like beaches, forest trails, hills, etc.


3. How to turn your esk8 into an off-road eskateboard?

Change the wheels!

Here is a video for wheels replacement,

 The rubber wheels of H20T make the eboard perfect for any kinds of road condition.

TeamGee H20T Electric Skateboard Review


Okay, that is all for today. Thanks for you reading.

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