How to choose Good Skateboard Wheels


How to choose the right wheel?

You may have seen many wheels, big, small, wide, thick, but you don't know how to choose these wheels.In this blog post you will learn how to choose the right wheel for you, and a good wheel recommendation.

Best Skateboard Wheels Guide

Before buying your next set of wheels, it's important to understand what kinds of wheels are available and how they affect the skater's experience.


How to choose the right skateboard wheel for you?


As the part of the skateboard that has the most direct contact with the ground, the importance of the skateboard wheel can be imagined. Skateboard wheels are also part of our regular replacement due to the greatest frictional losses with the ground. Choosing the right wheels is also very important. So what kind of wheels are best for you and your skateboard?


The outer packaging of the skateboard wheel is generally marked with the words 95A, 100A, 80B, etc., indicating the hardness of the wheel. The higher the number in front, the more difficult it is. For example, 100A wheels will be stiffer than 95A wheels. The hardness of the wheel represented by B will be 20 points greater than that of A, The hardness of the wheel of 80B is equivalent to the hardness of the wheel of 100A.

 If you like to brush the streets, you often have to deal with the impact of rough roads, small stones, small sticks and small cracks, etc. Soft wheels with hardness between 75A-85A will give you a better experience of chasing the wind.

101A hardness is usually the choice of some experienced skaters who especially like to grind and slide.



The size of wheels matters a lot. Bigger wheels allow for smoother rides and faster speeds, while smaller wheels allow for extended momentum and can accelerate more quickly than larger ones. But smaller wheels can also be harder to maneuver or control.


Elasticity can be said to be one of the criteria for measuring the quality of a set of wheels. A good wheel excels in every way, has better battery life, glides comfortably, and is easy to control. If you drop the wheel hard on the ground, the bouncy wheel will bounce a few meters high, and the poor bouncy wheel will bounce very low.

Contact surface

The contact surface is one of the most important criteria for confirming the grip of the wheel. The narrower the wheel, the more flexible and easier to control; so the width model of the action wheel is between 30mm and 40mm. The wider, the more grip; this makes the downhill longboard wheels very wide and grippy, providing enough centripetal force to prevent sideslip during high-speed turns.


The wheels are made of urethane, but different urethane formulas will have different performances between different wheels.

---When to replace the wheels: Depends on how often you skate. Generally, it should be replaced every three to four months. If you ride on rough floors a lot, or if you are a heavier skater, you should replace the wheels sooner.

Generally, the following situations occur, you should consider replacing the wheels:

a. The wheel is seriously worn and the diameter becomes smaller;

b. The surface of the wheel is uneven;

c. The sliding speed is obviously slowed down;

d. The bearing is easy to loosen or make noise


The last factor in our buying guide is the bearing. The best bearings won't get you very far, so if you like downhill skating, you don't have to spend too much money on bearings. The best bearings won't get you very far.


There may be many people who think that the bearing is the main component that affects the speed of the skateboard, but that is wrong.

The main component that determines the speed and endurance of a skateboard is actually the wheel. Generally speaking, the larger the wheel, the higher the hardness and the better the elasticity, the better the speed and endurance. As I said, generally speaking, it actually depends on the roughness of the road surface. For example, if the road surface is particularly smooth, then the hard wheel will be faster and the battery life will be better, because the soft wheel will be easier under pressure. Deformation is like a tire that is out of air.

On the contrary, if the road surface is rough, the hard wheel will receive more resistance, and the soft wheel will be easier to roll over. In this way, the appropriate soft wheel will perform better. In short, it is still judged according to the road conditions, just like the tires of the car can not be inflated too much, nor can they be out of air.

The size of the wheel also mainly determines the resistance of the wheel. Big wheels are easier to crush. I don't need to say more about this. 


What is cloudwheels?

 The DFC damping technology patented by CLOUDWHEEL Donut can filter most of the vibration compared with traditional PU wheel. This innovation in the history of skateboarding wheel makes your ride feel more comfortable and smooth.

What are the advantages of the cloud wheel ?

Cloudwheels really excel on rough roads. They're designed to absorb road vibrations and still ride smoothly, so you can feel the difference compared to normal street wheels. The company calls this cushioning effect 'damping core technology'

This 120mm all-terrain cloudwheel increases the maximum speed of your ride by 6mph compared with normal 90mm tires.

Can cloud wheel drive on rougher roads?

 It has a super shock absorption effect and can still provide you with a comfortable riding experience on rough roads.Just don’t try to go over any big rocks if you can to maintain the wheels 

How is cloud wheel different from ordinary wheels?

 It has a better look and is loved by everyone.


Do cloud wheels come with bearings?

No, not at all.

How much faster cloud wheel can go compared to normal wheels?

The 120mm diameter cloud wheel can be applied to a variety of terrains, has a better riding experience, but the speed is the same.

Does cloud wheel come with a hub plate?

Yes, it comes with hub plates.


Will cloud wheel reduce battery life?

A comfortable riding experience may lead to a reduction in battery life, but don't worry, it will not affect the battery

What is PU wheel?

PU wheel is also called PU perfusion wheel: Strictly speaking, PU is also a kind of plastic, but additives are added in the production process, so the performance is better, and of course the production cost also increases. Features of PU perfusion wheel: elasticity can play a certain shock absorption effect, good grip, not easy to slip, more wear-resistant, and good comfort.

The hub motor refers to the integration of the motor into the skateboard wheel to achieve the effect of reducing the appearance of parts, which can improve the aesthetics. Generally, the tire skin of the hub motor is 5.0mm and 2.5mm.

(The tire skin is too thin compared to unpowered wheels, resulting in weak shock absorption, which is a common problem of in-wheel motors; and it is more likely to be ripped off by small stones and debris, and its lifespan is much shorter than that of unpowered wheels.)

 Are PU wheels good?

Polyurethane wheels are far superior to rubber, plastic and metal wheels in many transportation applications. They are resistant to oils, solvents and fats, as well as gasoline.

What is rubber wheels?

  When you need quiet ride and floor protection, but don't want the added expense of premium polyurethane treads, try rubber tired wheels.  They come with a wide variety of wheel centers and bearing options, so you can choose a performance that suits your needs. Rubber types and tread thicknesses vary in their performance characteristics.

What are the uses of rubber wheel?

Rubber wheels are made of rubber, a flexible material that is both durable and elastic. Chemicals are also added to the rubber to make it stronger, more elastic and resistant to wear, heat and aging. A rubber wheel gives better traction than an ordinary one.

Are rubber or plastic wheels better?

Plastic blow wheels are hollow, so if they get wet, you risk filling them with water. This can freeze and crack the wheel. Rubber wheels are solid throughout and can withstand extreme weather and freeze/thaw cycles.

What are PU rubber wheels?

Polyurethane casters can carry heavier weights than rubber casters because of their hardness. They also have very thin threads, which increases their load capacity. Polyurethane casters are more resistant to splitting and tearing.

Why is rubber a good material?

This material is resistant to cutting, tearing, wear, fatigue and abrasion. It has a working range between -58 to 212 degrees F and can be used with other materials easily.


In a wheel introductions, one must be able to select the right ones for their skating need.  When shopping for a new skateboard wheel, you might want to consider several factors. Be aware of crappy websites that make jokes and grab your money. Don't trust anything that doesn't have real pictures.

So, you have to think about where you're going to cruise and what kind of skating you do. Also, you have to think about the size of the wheels and determine which style of skating suits you best. Wheels play an important role in your skateboarding experience—they can make or break your ride! Bearings, trucks, battery choice and everything else on a skateboard are key too, so don't forget about them either.


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