Trucks Adjusting Guide of Electric Skateboards for Beginners


Here are 2 things really matter when turning left or right on an eskateboard --- trucks & bushings.

Here we only solve one thing --- how to adjust the trucks of your board suitably.

A video for you guys,

When adjusting the eboards' trucks, here comes a rule,

Always follow your heart.


Also here is text version guide for you,

  1. Loosen up the trucks


    2. Tighten up the front & rear trucks

Only need to tighten to the point where you can no longer spin the washer with your fingers. 


  • Depends on the trucks, the bushings and your personal preference and do the adjustment.
  • Keep your back truck a little bit tighter than the front.


    3. Try out the board 

You had better to try out the eboard after tightening the trucks. Stand on the board, and feel it. Is it too loose or too tight?

Too loose? Tighten it a bit.

Too tight? Loosen it a little.

So always follow your heart.


That is all, and thanks for your reading.

Wish you a happy weekened. :>

Friday, finally..


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