Is Electric Skateboard Suitable for Campus Commute?


Electric skateboard has become more and more popular as a great commuting tool and a pleasant outdoor hobby. And some college students started to using electric skateboards in their daily commuting and zip around campus from class to class. So is an electric skateboard good for campus life?

Cost-saving & Parking Free
Let alone the car value itself, it can bring some potential costs if you choose a car as the means of your transportation, such as gas money, car insurance costs, car maintenance fees. Clearly, riding an electric skateboard to commute is more affordable.

Time-saving & Portable
Zip around campus pretty quickly and without a sweat. An electric skateboard is a huge time and energy saver in your campus commuting.
Comparing to shuttle buses, e-skating can allow you to have a more direct route for having more control of your commuting time, so as to avoid being late and take a short commute easily.
Way More fun!
Not only are electric skateboards convenient for college life, but they also can bring you daily fun. Riding an electric skateboard is a joy! A fresh morning and a nice mood in commuting is what it can bring to you! BTW, e-skating can improve your balance and physical endurance, so it is good for your health.


Some Tips

1) Check the whole day's weather forecast before you go.

2) Don’t get left with battery low Or Remember to Bring a charger with you.

3) Investing in an ergonomic laptop backpack to bring your books and laptop.

4) Wearing a helmet and protective gear.

5) Bring a T tool in case you need to tighten up the screws of wheels sometimes.

6) Be aware of your surroundings and speed/capabilities so you can avoid injuries.

7) Practice makes perfect! Make sure you are good with what you got and it's comfortable for you to ride.

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