Is This the Real You Who Rushes to Work Every Morning?


‘It is a wonderful barbecue night on the beach. I am chatting having fun of my friends and ..until something hit my face,’ It’s my mom who just thew a pillow at me. That’s what I can remember and it was 15 minutes left. I quickly jumped out of bed and used the fastest speed to wash, of course,  no time for breakfast. But the fact that I'm going to be late still won't change.


No time leave to think. 

I have never rushed to the bus stop like today, just like a 100-meter sprint. However, only to see my Bus No.15 has just left. I sat on the ground like a flat ball. All of a sudden, I remembered the H20T Electric Skateboard that my cousin gave me as my birthday present last month. I played several times at that time, and well enough to skateboarding.

You can't imagine how happy I was at that time. I jumped up and rushed home. Pick up the skateboard in the corner, and I saw that the battery of the skateboard and the remote control was still enough for me to work. So I took it downstairs. Ecstatically, I stepped on a skateboard and slid towards the company with the remote control in my hands, and the speed showed 18mph. 

Finally, I stepped into company at 8:59 and Said morning to my colleagues! What a wonderful day. Cool!


After that time, I usually used my beloved electric skateboard as way of commuting. Except for rainy days, I take a bus. For one thing, the company where I work for is not far from my home - just 3 kilometers. But if I walk to work about 30 minutes at least. For another, sometime you may just miss the bus when you arrive at the bus stop. What you can do is nothing but eagerly to watch it going farther and farther.

 So I go to work with my skateboard. What’s more, this is an electric skateboard with remote to adjust the speed with 4 modes like the brake. It is not tired but extremely easy, and you can feel the wind pass by your ears, blow on your body. Besides, I can go to work at any time when I am ready.

Sometimes I went to bed later, and was still in the sweet dream. But this time I am no longer flustered because I have my H20T Electric Skateboard.




It's nice to have you - H20T Electric Skateboard, escort me on my way to work!




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