How Much Is An Electric Skateboard?


How much is an electric skateboard?

Electric skateboards as a new portable means of transportation are very popular among many countries, but the price of electric skateboards has been in a relatively high position. The price of electric skateboards is generally more than $350, a better quality electric skateboard may be more than $500. Many people are very interested in electric skateboards, but when they check the price, they often give up the idea. Indeed, the price of electric skateboards is not cheap, for many people it is far beyond the budget. You may be thinking, the price of a normal skateboard is about a few dollars or more, why electric skateboards cost hundreds of dollars or even thousands of dollars, here is a detailed explanation of why electric skateboards are so expensive.

Why the price of electric skateboards is so expensive?


First of all, the most important component of the electric skateboard is the battery and the motor, which accounted for the largest value. Since only a high-quality battery can build a durable electric skateboard to requires less maintenance, the price of the battery is between 150 and 500 dollars. The motor is the second most important component after the battery, it takes the energy from the battery to power the electric skateboard. Electric skateboards generally have dual motors, with one motor costing between $30 and $300.


Other accessories such as decks, wheels, and remote controls also attribute to the electric board's value. For example, the deck, which generally made of various layers with different materials. Under ordinary circumstances, the deck is made of wood, composite decks, which are divided into two kinds, one is the inner layer of wood and the composite outer layer, and one is a pure composite material. Both of these require several layers of overlapping material to produce. The advantage of wood is very flexible and can bring fewer vibrations in your riding, while the advantage of composite material is very light, portable, resistant to corrosion. Both wood and composite decks are not cheap,and the remote control and the wheels.


The parts of electric skateboards are going to be strained in use because anything that involves batteries requires effort to maintain on a daily basis. If your electric skateboard is damaged in use, you generally have two ways to go, one is to replace the broken parts with new ones and the second is to buy a brand new electric skateboard. Of course, the former requires less money, and the warranty can play a great function, and the provision of a warranty is also a guarantee that the customer will buy the product with no worries. If the customer applies for a warranty, the company will need to pay for repairs or provide replacement parts, and for this reason: products that offer a warranty are often priced higher than products that do not offer a warranty.

Brand Effect

Some of the more famous brands of electric skateboards are very expensive, often more than a few thousand dollars. Although the quality of most brands of skateboards is still very good, there is also a reliance on the brand effect to improve the price, but the quality of the product is poor, so we should do a good search and investigation in all aspects of the selection of electric skateboards, combined with other people's feedback and budget, to select the most suitable for their own electric skateboards at a reasonable price.


To sum up, the price of electric skateboards is determined by many aspects, in which the production cost of the skateboard is the biggest factor. Electric skateboard prices are in the hundreds of dollars or even thousands of dollars, in this range you can find the most suitable for your budget skateboard, you can also choose according to the preference of the brand. If you feel that the price is too high to afford, you can also pay more attention to the sales time of each brand to greatly reduce the cost.


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