How to Safely Store Your Electric Skateboard & Battery in Winter?


Hey dudes, recently, here in my place begins to become colder and colder, so which reminds me of, uh, maybe you guys don't wanna ride it or for any other reasons, so!

Let us find out, how to SAFELY store our eboards and battery in this winter and the next spring, we take out our boards and find it is still good with its powerful battery!!


Well, no more craps, 

How to Store Our Esk8 & Battery Safely?

Find a good place,

We should find a good place for our esk8 for this long and cold winter.

You could keep it somewhere temperature controlled, because exterme temperature, intense hot and cold alternations in winter, all of these are not good for your battery. 


So, it is better NOT to put your board together with your battery in the cold garage.

  • You could place it in a waterproof storage containers, which could give your board better protection.
  • You could also take out your battery and leave your board in the garage if you don't wanna the board in your house, it is okay as well.


Charge your battery,

We all know that our batteries are so much weak that if not good care they would lose some performance.

Keep the battery always at the range of 40-60% power left would be okay.



Most of people charge the battery 100%, but they forget and leave it on all winter and that's really bad for the battery, the battery being fully charged for a long time reduces its life cycle capacity.
You can discharge it to 90% charge, just run it for a few minutes and take the top charge off of it.
Ideally, store it at about 50% charge, because 50% is a good storage voltage and it won't cause long-term damage.

  • Of course, it is better to check your battery sometimes, in case of unexpected discharge. Low charge is bad for the battery life and performance.
  • It's also good to turn your battery on and exercise your battery briefly once in a while.


Hope this could do you a favor~  How do you store your best electric skateboard?

For those wanna ride your board even in winter, check Quick Tips for Riding an Esk8 in Winter ~

Good luck :>



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