Ride an Electric Skateboard Safely at Night, also Cool !


A: Electric skateboard night ride?
B: Go! Why not!

In addition to the daily daytime eskateboarding gears, what else do you need to prepare at night because you can't see anything at night if without street lights?

So, just give your esk8 a light!

Added lights on your eskateboard do help you be seen by pedestrians, vehicles, other e-boarders, cyclists, animals, etc.

What's more, a light added to your board also looks super cool~ It would add fun and happiness to your eskateboarding trip!

Besides lights, we can also add some cool things to make your night ride much more funny!

Neon Jackets or Vest

Put on your reflective jacket and trust me, you look cool and safe when eskateboarding on the street at night!
It is simple and cheap, but it really works!

All you need is a neon style reflective jacket and your visibility will be increase by 10 times.
With just a bit of light, and it will reflect and illuminate your jacket so you can be seen on the street in the dark.
So, why not get yourself a neon jacket or vest?

Reflective Patches

If you don't like jacket or vest, maybe you could buy some awesome reflective patches to make yourself be seen.

But the reflective patches are not as super good as a reflective jacket, you know. More is better than less.

Add some patches to your clothes without anything above the patches.

Reflective tape

This is usually used on bicycles, but you can also apply it to electric skateboards.

You can just put reflective tape anywhere you want on the board . If you want to put it under your feet, it will feel like you're wearing high-tech shoes! Your feet are glowing! Haha just kidding.

Of course, remember to put a few reflective tapes on the sides of the deck or around the rims. In this way, the whole board will be invincible! It is glowing! Wow so cool!!!


Or anything reflective, add these glowing things to yourself or the board or the remote, gears. Cool? Done!












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