Which Teamgee Electric Skateboard Board Is Best For You?-by Teamgee


Which type of rider are you? Are you a thrill-seeking rider, a commuter or someone who just wants to use a better way to get around? Do you prefer longboard or a short one? So far, Teamgee has launched some elaborated electric skateboards. Let check it out which Teamgee electric skateboard is best for you?

Teamgee H8

The Teamgee H8 is the perfect electric skateboard for your quick errands and shorter commutes. At 31 inches and 11.68lbs/5.3kg, the board is optimized for portability, making it easier and more versatile to use in public transportation and indoor spaces. However, the shorter deck is not very stable at higher speeds than our longboards, so we limit the maximum speed to 18 mph. Teamgee H8 comes equipped with the reverse setting trucks to lower the center of gravity, so you can have a more stable riding experience. As a super lightweight electric skateboard, The Teamgee H8 is versatile and can be used to ride on city streets, bicycle lanes, or on campus. Besides, the Teamgee H8 is quite suitable for children, female riders and campus riders as it has a very cute design and super lightweight. If you don't know what Christmas gifts you should purchase for children, students, ladies, trust me, they will love to receive this board as a gift.


Teamgee H5

The deck of Teamgee H5 is like a blade, which is so thin while has the right amount of support to your feet and the flexibility to soak up the bumps. It has a mild concave that’s suitable for cruising and commuting since it doesn’t tire your feet too much, and the drop through mounting makes it Low to the ground which adds stability and makes it easy to kick push when needed.H5 comes with the dual motors (2*380W), so it can reach the top speed of 20Mph/32Kph and the battery range is 11miles/18km. On open roads and densely populated cities, this board brings you the speed and response you need for confident and smooth navigation alongside traffic.     


Teamgee H6

The Teamgee H6 has a classic shape and great looking. This deck design inspired by the surfboard. It feels like you are surfing under the sunshine without water, so energetic that you get to feel the vigor of youth and passion for life. This top-mount board is taller than the drop-deck boards. So it has more turning ability due to more leverage on your trucks. Though H5 and H6 have some overlap in their speed and the range, each one has unique features and shining points. The well-forged trucks and superb wheels provide a smoother, quieter ride for long rides of years in a variety of situations. Adding passion and vigor to your life by riding on this "surfboard".


Teamgee H9

Great for commuting and weekend adventures, Teamgee H9 can make all your journeys feel like play. Teamgee H9 now comes equipped with the dual hub motors(2*480W), so it can reach the top speed of 25Mph/40Kph - that’s up by 28% compared to Teamgee H8. The top speed delivers a thrill and joy on any city street and is equally at home on larger campuses. And its uphill capacity is 25% slope and extended range to 11Miles/18Km.Like Teamgee H8 and H5, this board also comes equipped with the reverse setting trucks.
With a 38 inches deck made of 10 ply Canadian maple and 1 ply fiberglass, the board offers riders a super stable platform at higher speeds, with just the right amount of flex to soak up the bumps, making longer commutes faster and more comfortable. With the weight of 15.3lbs/6.95kg, Teamgee H9 is not quite as maneuverable or portable as the Teamgee H8, but much easier to stash and carry than a scooter or bike due to the built-in battery and hub motor allow the board to be thinner and lighter. You can not underestimate it for a thin deck, this board's load capacity is 220Lbs/100Kg.


Teamgee H20

H20 is designed for riders who focus on speed and performance. Like the H9, the board is equipped with the Canadian maple deck that can offer riders the right amount of flex and support to make long commutes,but H20 has the dual hub motors with stronger force(2*540W) that allows you to reach a top speed of 26 Mph/42Kph and gives you access to lightning-fast acceleration. H20 is the first built-out motor Teamgee board and the most powerful one. Its uphill ability is 30% slope and loading capacity is 286LBS/130KG.H20 now comes equipped with the extended-capacity battery, so you can cover up to 25Miles/40KM on a single charge. With the weight of 18lbs/8.6kg, H20 is not quite as maneuverable or portable as the other built-in battery Teamgee board. It is worth mentioning that this board has a slight W-shape concave across the deck, which is favorited by many customers as it is extremely comfortable for the riders to ride on it. With this design, you’ll always know where your feet are on the deck and you won’t go slipping about. 

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