How to Maintain Battery Life of Your Electric Skateboard?


Some riders may encounter a situation where the electric skateboard fails to reach its standard cruising range while the battery is working properly and fully charged.

In fact, there are indeed factors that affect the life of the battery during your ride. Let's find out!




* Cold Weather & Battery Discharge

    The electric current generated by a battery is produced when a connection is made between its positive and negative terminals. When the terminals are connected, a chemical reaction is initiated that generates electrons to supply the current of the battery. Lowering the ambient temperature causes chemical reactions to proceed more slowly, so a battery used at a low temperature produces less current than at a higher temperature. This is why electric skateboard has a shorter battery life in the winter than in the summertime.


    * Rider's Weight

      The rider's weight can also influence the electric skateboard cruising range. It is because the more the rider weight means more power the motor needs to generate in order to make the board run at a speed, while the motor power is from the battery. In a word, a heavy rider will consume more battery life.


      * Road Condition & Wind

        Riding on a rough road means that your board is encountered with a more strong force of friction than riding on a smooth road. At the same speed, the motor needs more power( from the battery) to overcome the force of friction on a rough road. So riding on a sand road will lead to less battery life of an electric skateboard than riding on a rubber road. Riding an electric skateboard against the wind or riding in a favorable wind will lead to a different battery life.


        * Riding Average Speed

          The relationship between battery life and speed is linear. Running at 50% speed does not mean save 50% as much power because it needs to take the wind resistance, ground friction force into account. 


          * Stops/Acceleration Frequency & Accelerating Strength

            When you choose to stop and accelerate your board frequently means that you are choosing a riding style that will cost more battery life. 


             * Uphill or Downhill Riding 

              Some electric skateboards( includes Teamgee skateboards) have the regenerative braking system will charge the battery when you are riding downhill. And riding on an uphill road will cost more battery life in your riding.



              Of course, there are some other factors will affect the battery life, like loss of motor efficiency, battery not fully charged, loose motor bearings, etc.

              Is it the only way we can get the initial battery life by replacing a brand new battery?

              Sounds like a viable solution:)

              If that's the case, why don't we just buy a brand new electric skateboard to replace our broken one?

              Actually, a brand new battery is a bit costly. Is there any other way to maintain our battery life?

              Of course yes!

              Treating the symptoms is how we find solutions to many problems!

              I bet you're thinking the same thing as me!




              • Ride on the flat roads

              Choosing to ride on the flat surfaces will not only allow you to ride further, but you will also be able to have a more comfortable riding experience. After all, no one wants to pedal a board all the way over bumps. Also downhill riding with the wind will help you to ride further.


              • Low-speed riding

              Another good way to save battery life is to ride at a low speed and you can try to prolong battery life by changing your riding style when necessary. High-speed riding and long battery life, you can't have them both while the battery is the same.


              • Use of remote control

              You can extend your battery life by reducing your stop and accelerate frequency on your riding. Slower accelerating also will do a big help to prolong the electric skateboard battery life.


              • Other factors

              And the weight and riding weather are not controllable factors. If you happen to have had success with your weight loss, you might find that you can now ride your board that used to only take you to the bus stop, but now you can ride straight to the office!


              • ...


              Of course, we only go for good battery life based on an intact battery!

              So, what can we do to maintain the battery in our daily use?

              In fact, it's a piece of cake. Below tips also work on belt drive electric skateboards.







              1. Please fully charge the battery before using it for the first time.



              1. Fully charge and discharge the batteryfor the first 5-7 cycles, which will speed up the calibration process and help reach the full battery life.
              1. Always charge the battery after use! Whether you fully discharge or only partially discharge (after the first 5-7 cycles), it always needs to be charged after a ride.
              1. Clean the batterywith a damp cloth. Do not directly expose the battery to water.
              1. Check the battery connectors regularly for rust, moisture or damage.




              1. Do not immerse the battery in water
              1. Never expose the connectors when riding on the board. Because dust and sand can enter and shorten your battery.
              1. Do not open, puncture or short-circuit the battery.
              1. Do not overheat the battery, especially in the presence of an open flame.
              1. Last but not the least, never ride without the battery connected. If your electric skateboard breaks, water can not only get in the connector, but your system can also overcharge.



              FINAL THOUGHTS

              As an important component of an electric skateboard, the battery is also a factor of great concern to electric skateboard riders.

              The wear and tear of the battery directly affects the riding distance, i.e. the battery life.  Daily battery maintenance is essential.

              So, after an understanding of the main factors affecting the battery life, there may be more ways to achieve a standard range or even a longer range. (Some of the above ways of maintaining battery life are Just like the tip of the iceberg.)



              Any thoughts you have after reading this article, please feel free to comment at the bottom!

              Or if you have other questions, also do not hesitate to let us know. Maybe the questions lingering in your head will be answered easily and quickly!

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