How Fast Do Electric Skateboards Go? Let Us figure out!


Many people believe that traditional skateboards can ride in a quite fast speed that it just slides quickly, and disappears with a "swish" in front of your eyes. But have you thought that if you install a motor on the skateboard to provide power, it can reach 26mph or even 30mph. This is a very fast speed, merely equal to the speed of a car driving on the street. 

How Fast Do Electric Skateboards Go?

The maximum speed range of electric skateboards can range from 9 MPH (15 km/h) to 68 MPH (110 km/h). It is a huge difference, right?

Some electric skateboards designed for children may have speeds between 9-13 MPH (15-21 km/h). Obviously, it is designed for children to ride more safely.

However, the e-skateboard for adults is 15-30 MPH (24 to 48 km/h). Like Teamgee H20, it can reach a top speed at 26mph/ 42kph. You can ride it freely range within 25 miles/ 40km. A nice commuting tool for some people if your company is not so far. Also, better to reduce the commuting time. 

What affects the speed of electric skateboards?

The max speed of the electric skateboards is determined by the manufacturers. Actually, when you are riding an e-skateboard, you will find that your riding speed may exceed the maximum speed or not reach the max speed in the manual, which is normal. Because the speed of electric skateboards will fluctuate due to some other factors.

There are some factors that impact your e-skateboard’s top speed:

  • Motor size (expressed in watts, ranging from 100W to 4500W)
  • Wind (this can act as an opposite force and slow you downor a positive force to make you ride faster and longer distance.)
  • Road surface (bumpy road will slow you downwhile flat road will do the opposite.)
  • Rider's weight (heavier riders need more power to reach the same speed)
  • Inclination (obviously you will walk faster when going downhill, slower when uphill.)
  • Battery power (a fully charged battery may output more power.


What determines the speed of the electric skateboards?

Although we have said some factors will impact the speed like riders’ weight, wind and so on, the most important feature that affects speed is the motor.

There are actually three types of electric skateboard motors, hub motor, outrunner motor and direct drive motor.

We should take a good look on their size, KV, and Watts. A size is usually indicated with four numbers, with the first two representing the diameter in mm and the second two representing the length in mm. Maybe you think a large size motor is always more powerful, while other factors are more important, so that is not always the case.

KV refers to the number of revolutions per minute achieved with one volt of power without any load. This can range from 80 to 220 KV. A higher KV will give a higher top speed.

Watts,most likely to be displayed on the skateboard’s product specs. For children’s electric skateboards, Wattage around 100-350W. You may see skateboard motors with Watts as high as 4000 for adults.

Of course, you don’t need to get bogged down on these factors. The e-skateboard speed limit is a good indicator for you to buy a suitable one.




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