Do I Need an Electric Skateboard? And My Sharing of E-skateboard.



The electric skateboard I bought is made of Canadian maple wood, coated with a layer of fiberglass, which is relatively strong and will not break easily. And the four wheels can be replaced if  it can’t run as usual, which is very convenient and you don’t need to worry about if the wheel break down and the board can’t work any more.


At the same time, some e-skateboards have reached the waterproof level of ip54, such as Teamgee's skateboards. With such a waterproof level, the electric skateboards can be ridden safely even in rainy weather because of the changeable weather that sunny in the morning but rains slightly after work.


Of course, when the road is slippery on rainy days, the wheels are easier to slip. So I, personally, do not recommend that you ride it in rainy days or wet places. At the same time, the electric skateboard remote control generally, is a push-type remote control, with which we can adjust the running speed. My remote control is also designed with 4 speed modes. Such design makes the e-skateboard easily used by beginners,  veterans as well. It can achieve a gradual process when shifting the remote without accelerating too fast that might cause people to fall down.


Well. how does it feel to skate on an electric skateboard? Let me tell you my feeling on e-skateboarding.

First of all, electric skateboards are actually heavier. When you take it, you can take the bridge of board. Standing on the skateboard need balance. After manage to maintain your balance, you can start to slowly push the acceleration button of the remote control. In this process, remember not to push it too fast or you will be easy to lean backwards and fall to the ground. If you want to reach a faster speed, you have to slowly accelerate to the maximum speed, and then you can experience the feeling of fly.


But riding an electric skateboards, I have some suggestions for you. Remember to have the battery fully charged, reduce the situation that if the battery is dead, you have to slowly slide down with your legs. This may be a bit tiring because electric skateboards are still heavier than traditional skateboards.


Another thing can not be avoided. Your hands must always  press on the remote control for forward. If you loosen your hands, the electric skateboard will no longer accelerate. So your hand cannot be released if you want to maintain a certain speed.

Buy an e-skateboard and experience the feeling of gust of wind with me!


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