Can You Ride an Electric Skateboard without Power?


Before we find out the answers, let us view some riders' reviews about when they are riding an e-skateboard without any power.

1. From I__Like_Being_Nice

You can push with hub or direct drive motors. It won't be quite the same as a regular board but it's easy enough to do.

A lot of times I will push from a stop on my hub drive board to conserve battery.

Belt drive boards will have too much resistance.

2. From MostafaFawaz26

You can but it isn’t a very pleasant experience. I wouldn’t recommend doing it on a belt drive.

3. From Android_fan1

Yes, belt ones high resistance though.


Maestersage: So no matter what kind of board, there will be a bit of resistance?

Own-Pianist: Yes, but it varies a lot and hub motors have much less resistance.


So we know that everyone has more or less their own answer to this question. Most people know electric skateboards can be ridden without any electricity, but they are not like traditional skateboards.


Therefore, can you ride an electric skateboard without power?


An electric skateboard's drive system set up determines how well it can be ridden like an unpowered skateboard. A belt-driven board's drag is substantial and certainly isn't easy to push about. Whereas, hub-driven boards have little to no drag and can be ridden relatively normal.

Teamgee Electric Skateboard are hub-driven, with very little resistance when you ride without any power. So you can ride it very easy without any strength. No worry and ride it freely on the road. 


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