Electric Skateboard, Ride Your Youth! Would You Like to Join us?


In the street culture of Europe and America, skateboard plays an important role and also an important part of the street culture in Europe and America.

There are 11 million skateboarders in the United States, and 43% of skateboarders are between 6 and 11 years old.

The 129th IOC (International Olympic Committee) meeting finally confirmed that skateboarding will join the 2020 Tokyo Olympics!

The development of skateboarding today is not only a sport, but also a spiritual culture, symbolizing freedom, individuality and the courage to break through one's own spirit.

How to integrate the increasingly developed technological elements into traditional skateboarding? And make it easier for more people to experience skateboarding? In recent years, the development of power battery and motor technology has provided new ideas and technical conditions for the innovation of traditional skateboards.

Most of the young generation's impression of electric skateboards may first come from "Detective Conan". Whenever there is an emergency, Conan jumps on the skateboard and travels through the crowd freely.

Many young people like skateboarding, but they don’t have the opportunity to be an extreme player to make difficult moves. Rather than becoming a professional player, they just prefer this kind of entertainment and be a fashionista with their own personality.

Electric skateboards give more people the chance to experience the fun of skateboarding.

Teamgee's electric skateboard give you a chance!

Teamgee's electric skateboard incorporates modern technological elements. Using electric drive and wireless remote control, it is easier to get started without manual acceleration. It provides an enjoyable experience that breaks through traditional skateboarding, and can also give play to riders’ creativity and imagination.

Teamgee's electric skateboard has two series board - fish board and long board. With the max climb capability, the H20T board surface is made of imported Canadian maple wood material, which has very good flexibility.

H20T e-skateboard, equipped with two hub motors, 9.5kg weight, rubber wheels, can adapt to uneven terrain, and realize your "off-road" riding.

"No matter how crazy we are, we will be old!" This internet buzzword reflects that the young advocate the mentality of free individuality and liberation. Buy a Teamgee electric skateboard, Have your hot - blooded youth!


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