Replaceable Wheels of Teamgee Electric Skateboards


So what can you do if the wheels of your electric skateboard are worn out and this affects the riding experience?

Don't worry! We can replace the wheels for you.

Yes, if you buy an e-skateboard from us, we have the appropriate wheel parts on And the wheels are easy and convenient to replace!

Let's see what wheels we have at Teamgee.

1. Color ReplaceableH5/H20/H20T 90MM wheels(4 pieces)


size : 90mm diameter and 56mm width
2 x PU Sleeves

2 x Front PU Wheels

These wheels come in 4 colors, red, blue, orange and black.

The jelly-coloured wheels add vibrancy to the electric skateboard. And the e-skateboard looks cool and beautiful on these wheels. They are always popular among young people.

2. Rubber Wheel For H20/H20T(4 pieces)


size : 103mm diameter and 65mm width

2 x Rubber Sleeves

2 x Front Rubber Wheels

The Most Stable Ride with Wider Tires:

Take a ride on any road or surface. Using 103mm rubber tires that are widened by 24 holes to add shock absorption. The holes create a buffer zone and reduce weight allowing you to cruise in stability on any road, perfect for rain-slick streets and wet pavement.

Rubber Wheels are superb perfect for off-road riding.

When to replace your wheels

When you should replace your old wheels depends on how often you skateboard. Generally it's time to replace them in three to four months, or sooner if you skate a lot on rough floors or are a heavier skater. You should generally consider replacing your wheels when one of the following conditions occurs.

  1. Wheels that are badly worn and have become smaller in diameter.
  2. Uneven surface of the wheel.
  3. Significant slowing down of the gliding speed.
  4. Bearings that tend to loosen or make noise.

Come and get your hands on one of Teamgee's electronic skateboards!



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