Does Your Electric Skateboard Have Brakes? Can You Stop It at Anytime?


If you are interested in e-skateboard and preparing to buy one. I ‘m sure you maybe care about the brake system. Do e-skateboards have brakes? That’s a good question.

YES. E-skateboards do have brakes.

You can’t image a skating tool with a speed of 30km/h can be stopped by one’s feet. That’ crazy, right?

So, how to brake an e-skateboard?

All right, braking an e-skateboard is quite a piece of cake while it does a really important during riding,..have to say that before getting to ride it, please learn how to brake your board.

Actually, you can simply operate a remote and control the board to stop. Sounds easy, right?

Slowing down/braking requires a simple flick back of the remotes controls.

Don’t quickly slide it to the end otherwise it will stop soon and you may fall forward. And wear a helmet as a beginner, greatly prevent you from hurting.

Practice makes perfect.

No one can do a thing very well without practice, like a baby  learning to walk, it is done step by step. It’s true to e-skateboarding.


I still remember my first ride.

Hopefully, with a friend holding my hands and I didn’t fall down.

That’s because I didn’t know the tips to stand on the board before I ride it. Then I braked the board and easily stand stably. Quite easy!

So, we can skateboarding well after some practice. However, electric skateboards are much easier to learn than traditional skateboards. Follow the instructions to understand the riding issues, like how to brake, control the speed, etc.

If you have to jump, then jump.

Jump off your skateboard when your brakes don’t work. I learn this rule after watching some funny videos, that many people jump away if he is gonna fly away with its motor or bike or anything. It is a better way to protect yourself instead just together with your board and get more hurt.

Jump off so you don’t end up crash into a moving car, a pole, a tree or other obstacles.



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