A Mysterious Product to Launch - TeamGee H3 Electric Skateboard


TeamGee store is about to launch a mysterious product, which can wake up all the skateboards in the corner of your home!

⭐Tells you three clues about the product:

First: It can upgrade all ordinary skateboards into skateboards with electric functions.

Second: There are only skateboards you don’t have, no skateboards that it can’t match.

Third: Its keywords: TeamGee, H3

⭐Want to know when you can see it? It's debut is: 22-26 October 2021!!! (Pacific Standard Time)

⭐You can get the latest news about it by following the shop and by adding it to your favorites.

⭐What else would you like to know about this debut item? Please feel free to leave your comments and 10 friends will be selected to receive a $30 off coupon.

Whisper it to everyone, sharing the product on social media and sending screenshots to our customer service will make it even easier to be selected!

Let's look forward to seeing who will be our lucky favourites! 

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