World Premiere of TeamGee H3 DIY Electric Skateboard


▲ World premiere of the TeamGee H3 DIY Electric Skateboard. Ordinary skateboards of any sizes can be upgraded to electric skateboards as long as they have it.

⏰ Salling time: 22-26 October 2021 (PST)


▲ Selling point introduction:

⭐ Four speeds available for adjustment

⭐ 480W brushless motor, maximum speed up to 25kph/16mph

⭐ 9.3 miles/ 15 km range

⭐ Light and portable, net weight only 4.5kg/9.36lbs

⭐ Can withstand up to 220lbs/100kg

⭐ Maximum climbing angle 15°

⭐ Support remote operation


▲ What else do you want to know?Leave a comment to get our great value prizes.

▲How to play?

⭐ Free H3-DIY scooter worth $229 for one person chosen from the first 50 people to comment.

⭐ Select 10 of the first 50 people to get a $30 unlimited coupon.

⭐ After 50 people leaving a message, one lucky person will be selected at random for every 10 messages and receives a $30 unlimited coupon.


▲Whisper it to everyone, sharing the product on social media (E.g. Facebook, INSTAGRAM, VK) and sending screenshots to our customer service, you will have a better chance of winning!


▲The winners will be announced on October 21, 2021 (PST). Free H3-DIY scooters and a limited number of coupons is waiting for you, so get moving!

▲ Follow our store, add to wish list & shopping cart. You can find more unexpected surprises!!


(TeamGee official store reserves the right to interpret the event)

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