7 Tips to Make Your Electric Skateboard Ride More Fun


Do you want to ride in a much more funny way, not only in direct line skateboarding? Then, here are some tips for you and just read on.

Hit the gas and fully charged

Fast riding may give you the feeling of speed and excitement, which just requires you to accelerate the throttle!

So, if you want to experience more excitement with your electric skateboard, turn up the throttle on the remote control to the most. Live for the thrill just for now, and don't be afraid to test the limits!

Hahaha If you decide to indulge yourself on the board, make sure use safety equipment to protect yourself from injure however, falling is always possible even if you are very careful. Keep an eye on the obstacles in front of you and try to ride on clear roads!

Know your board well

Understanding of your board will help you to ride better. The flexibility of an electric longboard can give you a more comfortable ride. If you happen to own the Teamgee H20T electric skateboard, which is built for climbing, then enjoy the off-road riding.

Learn about the pros and cons of your electric skateboard and the limitations that will make your riding funny.

Carving and turning

Many professionals like 'carve' . Carving is about learning the natural flow of the board and using it to turn wildly inwards and outwards, often creating a pattern. When turning, you press down hard on your toes or heels. Its name got because of the feeling that it makes you feel like you are 'carving' a line into the ground.

It's much of fun when carving.

If you are interested, you can learn by following the link below.


Practice makes perfect

When you first step on an electric skateboard, you may have difficulty keeping your balance. You can try standing up while holding the remote brake, quite steady as if standing on the ground.

The next step is to keep practising. Remember not to ride at the top speed at once, as you may fall off. Push the acceleration button of the remote control, slowly up to speed to get used to it. You can also watch some videos online where others share their tips and more practice.

Good weather and place

Sunny days are the best days to ride. It is not safe to ride in the rain or on snowy and icy days.

Also, where you ride and what route you take can makes all the difference. Ride your electric skateboard in scenic areas! Make it an adventure! That will make your ride full of unexpected surprises and fun.

Go with friends

Call your friends! The fun of playing together is not the same as riding alone. Grab some friends and go for a ride!

Take care of your board

Make sure your board is in peak condition. Some methods to protect your board.

  • Avoid potholes and road obstacles that could damage your electric skateboard
  • Tighten your wheels and trucks if necessary
  • Clean debris and dust from your board
  • Avoid extreme heat and cold temperatures
  • Store your board in a dry and tidy place (especially for long periods)
  • Repair any failed or damaged parts

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