All About Electric Skateboards & Are You Needing One?


Electric skateboards’ convenience and time-saving features, attract increasing people join in the group of e-skateboarding. Of course, there are other advantages like funny riding experience, environmental-friendly and so on.

In short, easy-to-learn electric skateboards are widely accepted by the public and are quickly becoming a favourite among novices and enthusiasts.

Having an electric skateboard is therefore a sensible and practical idea. However, if you need more of a push then you can read on!

In this article we will outline the benefits of having an electric skateboard of your own. 


What is an electric skateboard?

Before buying an electric skateboard, it's important for you to know exactly what the difference is between an electric skateboard and a regular skateboard. What is an electric skateboard?

I. An Introduction to E-Skateboards

From the word skateboard, an electric skateboard is an electric riding tool similar to a regular skateboard. The main difference is that an electric skateboard is powered by an electric motor, and the board usually controlled by a wireless hand throttle remote control. The remote control controls the speed and braking of the skateboard and push the remote's roller to ride forwards.

The battery that powers the motor is placed under the deck of the e-board. The electric motor can be mounted under the deck (together with the battery) or inside the wheels.

II. Parts of an E-skateboard

Understanding the components of an electric skateboard will help you to make quick repairs and carry out maintenance on your electronic board in the future.

To begin with, we will briefly describe some of the most important components of an electronic skateboard.

Basic components of an E-board: the deck, trucks and wheels.

The deck is the largest part of the electric skateboard.

It is the platform on which the rider stands while riding. Some decks are made of 3 to 12 layers of hardwood, while others are made of fibreglass or carbon. Fibreglass and carbon board are lighter, more durable and less prone to wear and tear.

E-skateboard decks also come in 3 different shapes—freeride, downhill, and cruiser.

  • Truck

On the other hand, the truck is the shaft of the electric plate.

It is made of metal and is responsible for turning, which determines the way the skateboard travels.

Just like any other electric vehicle, without wheels your electric skateboard would not work. They transfer the weight from the truck to the pavement, allowing the skateboard to gain momentum and move.

The motor is the main mechanical component of the electronic skateboard.

Most electric skateboards are equipped with a hub motor, a motor that is placed inside the wheels of the board.

It is very quiet than belt motor and more affordable.

However, due to their position, hub motors are more susceptible to be damaged. Riders hence, should avoid puddles etc. and avoid water getting into the motor.

The other type is the belt motor.

This motor is more classic and is found in the early models of electronic skateboards. To some extent, it drives power comparable to that of an electric bike.


Next come the electric components, namely the battery, the remote control and the electronic speed controller (ESC).

As mentioned above, the battery powers the motor on the electronic board. It is the heaviest component and the bigger it is, the more mileage you can ride.

Most all-terrain and street electric skateboards are equipped with a lithium-ion battery.

Then is the remote control. It allows you to control the skateboard to go faster or to brake. They are connected via Bluetooth and allow wireless communication with the electric skateboard.

  • Electric speed controller

Finally, the electric speed controller (ESC). This component is the equivalent of the "brain" of the electric skateboard. It is connected to the motor, the battery and Bluetooth.

When you accelerate the board with the remote control. The ESC receives commands from the Bluetooth receiver and generates a certain amount of energy from the battery for the motor.       

Sounds complicated, but if any of the components are missing, your electric skateboard won't work.

Therefore, you need to be able to identify these components and know how to maintain them when buying an e-board.


Do I need an electric skateboard?

When we buy something, the basic reason is that I need it, not how good it looks or any other reason.

So, buying or not buying an electric skateboard is really about whether you need it or not. If you're not sure, let's read on!

  1. Slide your way through traffic jams!

Traffic jams and congested roads. I guess this is the norm for every commuter!

Sometimes we get so anxious and jumpy because of the congested traffic. Actually, an electric skateboard can change it, not only can you get away from the congestion, you can also get to your destination faster and without breaking a sweat, which is also a joy.

  1. Enjoy every ride with less effort. 

You don’t need to constantly push to move by e-skateboard, so you won't be tired after the ride either.

Charging can also be easy, just plug it in, leave it for about 4-8 hours and done!

  1. Save money on gas and repairs.

If you drice a car to commute, petrol and maintenance costs can take a lot out of your savings, while the e-board is very economical and one of the most fuel efficient vehicles on the market.

  1. Get a much-needed workout!

As a corporate slave or a student, you may not have time to do exercise. You may like to spend your spare time resting rather than sweating it out in the gym.

With an electric skateboard, You can combine work or study with good health.

  1. Control your speed with no worries.

Because you have an ESC fitted to your electronic board, you have full control of your speed.

Most electronic skateboards have the option to ride at a steady speed, no matter what path you take. So you can take advantage of the time you spend on your way to work or study.

     6. You can help save the environment.

    The contribution of e-skateboards to the environment becomes greater as more people choose them instead of cars. E-boards usually leave a smaller carbon footprint and don't consume fossil fuels.

    With a long range, the e-boards can last 1-2 days without being recharged and they are a sustainable way to move around.

    If these reasons are not enough for you, then I want to share you —electric skateboards are so much fun!


     Where can I buy an e-skateboard?

    Electric skateboards can be bought in two ways: online and offline.

    You can buy from local electric skateboards shops, but they are usually more expensive or less types of boards. You can also buy them online! Of course, online purchase usually comes with a warranty and there is a variety of boards online.

    If you're not sure which brand to go for, you can try Teamgee's electric skateboards.

    Teamgee electric skateboards are well recognized among skateboarding enthusiasts and there are many Youtubers, like Nate, who have also reviewed our electric skateboards.

    We will officially launch a brand new electric skateboard with Teamgee all-terrain motor wheels to make the ride much faster, comfortable and farther. Let’s wait and see!


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