How to Upgrade Your Electric Skateboard - Some Ways You Can Try


Now comes a question, how to know what needs to change and how to change it?

It seems difficult, but it turns out to be very easy actually.

Ask questions and then solve them.


Fully consider your e-skateboard’s current performance, what are its strengths and weaknesses, and from this information you can then maintain and promote those strengths while removing or upgrading the weaknesses.

Write them down and you can get to start changing some components of your electric skateboard.


What do you want to upgrade?

  • Increase range

Use 1 motor

Running two motors at the same time increases the ability to climb somewhat, but overall, two motors running on one board results in a 30% loss of range.

Use smaller wheels

If you use smaller wheels, your board will run a little slower, but in return you will get more range.

If you need range more than speed, then use smaller wheels.


  • Increase your speed

Use bigger wheels

The bigger the wheel, the faster the board will be.

It should also be noted that bigger wheels can also cause, for example, disadvantages such as reduced climbing ability or slow acceleration. If you don't mind these drawbacks, then this method is worth a try.


  • Increase battery voltage

If you switch from 10s battery to 6s battery, then the top speed of your electric skateboard will increase from 16-18mph to 20-25mph. But it is quite expensive.

Check your ESC. If ESC doesn't match, you will either have to alter it or buy a brand new one.


  •  Torque, Acceleration, and Hill Climbing Ability increase

Increase Battery Discharge Capabilities

You can get more torque if you can draw more power from your pack and send it to your motors, which can increase your range.

Increase motor size

The bigger the size of the motors, the more torque you will have. The torque will automatically increase with the size of motors.

Use smaller wheel

The smaller the wheel, the more torque you can get.


  • Upgrade the board look

Your board will look more aesthetically pleasing if you make these changes.

  1. Use new grip tapesor stickers to decorate your board.
  2. Add lights to your board to increase the board’s look and safety.


And of course, if you have other ideas, go for it, all for a better riding experience!

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