2018 Teamgee Electric Skateboard Graphic Design Contest


Dear Beloved Esk8 Community, 

We are Teamgee!

We're an Electric Skateboard Brand featuring a light-weight, sleekly designed (slim deck & integrated battery), and safe cruiser board. The internal battery distinguishes us from our competitors because we simply have no external battery enclosures. This aspect of our products is why we think our skateboards are more true to the culture of a traditional skateboard. 

Earlier this month, we hosted an Indiegogo crowdfunding project which raised US$ 100K within the first week. Great thanks to our backers! And some of the backers said why your new model looks so plain comparing the H6 you were listed before. 

indiegogo page

Then we had this idea, let's host the very first Electric Skateboard Graphic Design Contest to ever occur on this planet!

Because the earth is our skate-park so let's have some fun!!!

The Winner of this Graphic Design Contest will win one of our electric skateboard with his own design printed!!!

Here is how to participate in the contest:

1. Please look below pictures, that's the deck we want you to design, and also we put the picture with the size of the deck. And two of our logos for your selection. 

  teamgee logo

Link to the skateboard template file here and here.

Link to the ai file of the teamgee logo here.

2. Contest participants are allowed to submit 1-5 different designs, and email them to market@teamgee.com with email title “2018 Graphic Design Participants + Your Name”. Make sure the designs are NOT sent to or published to any other website until Teamgee publishes them for voting later on.

Please note: 

All designs need to be original and not copy someone else's work. All artwork will be traced so please ensure you submit your designs with a standard format, and later if you win the contest and if you cannot provide the original file (.ai, .psd, etc...), the designs will be disqualified. 

If you have more than 1 design, send all of them in just ONE email. More than one email per submission won't be accepted. 

The print format should be at 300 DPI, CMYK color and PNG image file extension (with the original layered work or vectors file saved and ready if asked for later on), we might ask you later for this if your design wins.

The standard format of your artwork as below:

Background: complete white

Canvas size: 800x800


* Design only for the bottom of the deck, Teamgee logo have to be incorporated in the design. (two logos above for your selection)

* No need to design the ESC part, front grip tape, and wheels. But if you can design the grip tape and the ESC part, that's a plus. When we decide Teamgee winner, we will definitely consider this part.

* If you have any questions before designing, feel free to drop an email to market@gmail.com.

Design reference:

3. Teamgee will publish designs for voting without the names of the designers so the voting is more fair and objective.

4. Teamgee will post all the designs on Teamgee’s official Facebook account so voters can check this page from time to time. Then Teamgee will look at the polls/votes and choose the most voted design as the winner. Voting opens for 7 days after the designs are made public on our Facebook pages.

5. Two winners will be selected!

The First Winner. 

We will have a group of judges to select the winner from among the 10 most-voted designs. (In order to prevent fraud votes during the process.) 

Another winner is Teamgee’s selected winner.

Afterward, when the contest will end, Teamgee will get the exclusive use from the designer to print the design on the Teamgee board. 

6. Teamgee will then work with these two designers to make the design come to reality, and send the custom boards to the Winners!

7. Teamgee could also put these two winner’s design into mass production, and share the profit with the winner!

8. Anyone not fulfilling or respecting any of the rules and guidelines mentioned before will be instantly disqualified. Designs sent after the submission period is over will not be accepted/ published.


Design submitted before: 3 pm, June 8, 2018 HongKong Time.

Design goes online: 3 pm, June 12, 2018 HongKong Time.

Design voting ends at 3 pm, June 20, 2018 HongKong Time. 

Good luck!

So we hope you like it and support it! Let’s spread the word and share the contest to make these designs happen! And thanks to everyone for participation beforehand!

Last but not least,

Leave your comment below for our contest. And if you want to become one of our judges, you may let us know too!

Teamgee is also available on Youtube, Instagram, and Facebook!

Click here to see all our products.

See you there!


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