How To Choose The Best Electric Skateboard!



If you are looking for transport to move you from A to B quickly effortlessly whilst still being adventurous, I think you might have to make room for a new best friend. An electric skateboard.

Electric skateboards are a brilliant way to travel. With the huge variety available, choosing the best electric skateboard has become quite tough, but you have come to the right place.

Electric Boards prices range from:

High - $999 - $1499 (Boosted Boards)

Med - $399 - $799 (Great Quality Board like Teamgee)

Low - $199 (Lower quality)

TeamGee have been in the game for a while in the Chinese market and now selling to the abroad officially from the year 2018. Here to breakdown the jargon and walk you through the important components in order for you to be confident in buying the best electric skateboard for you.

So sit back and enjoy our definitive guide to picking the best electric skateboard.



Let's start with the Deck.

The deck is the part you stand on and you would want it to be as comfortable as possible. With that said, many of the best electric skateboards have a longboard style deck. This lets the ride be more comfortable because it has a much more absorption rate in comparison to the shorter street decks.

Many electric skateboards have bulky battery cases under the boards but what Teamgee aimed for was to keep the electric skateboard as simple as possible with a solid build by introducing a hidden battery in the actual deck so it looks just like a regular skateboard. Cool, right?

Not only does the aesthetics look stunning but this gives you the opportunity and freedom to customize it just like a regular skateboard.

Wheel Quality

The wheels are what takes all the impact from the ground first. This means if you want a smooth ride, you better know which wheels are on your board. You can always change the wheels if you feel that you need better ones.

We suggest changing to PU Sleeves (Wheel tyre) due to the ease of maintenance. That and the ability to adjust the thickness of the PU Sleeves to get a different feel of the ride. Check out our PU Sleeves Here!

What About Range

An important factor regarding choosing the best electric skateboard is the distance the board can go until the battery runs out. Calculating the distance you ride daily is important.

Are you commuting daily? heading on daily adventures? or simply running errands?

Size and weight will have a huge effect on the range, the boards with hidden batteries tend to be more efficient averaging 10 miles per charge and looks way better.

Let's Talk About Speed

With all the amazing shifts in technology nowadays, having the best electric skateboard requires moving from place to place quickly and smoothly.

Now, having the fastest board on the streets can be cool and all, but the fastest models can also drain the battery fast. Focusing on higher quality board and battery with a lower maximum speed (averaging 18mph) is a better choice in the long run.

Size and Weight

When it comes to size and weight, the best electric skateboard should be thin, lightweight and easy to carry around. You'll be constantly cruising through the streets, hopping on and off public transport and all day and the last thing you want is a long, heavy board dragging behind you if the battery decides to run out.

An ideal electric skateboard should weigh under 16lbs/7kg which is fairly manageable for most. And will still be light enough to kick slide the electric board like a normal skateboard. Awesome, right?

And our skateboard features the hub motor, which means you can kick slide it even out of battery. But you cannot slide the belt-driven motor skateboard. That's why we think this is way better than the other last-mile commute tools, such as hoverboard, self-balancing scooters.

There is a Remote Control?

The comfortability and wireless connectivity from the handheld remote control to the board play a huge role in choosing the best electric skateboard. The connection is usually via Bluetooth.

From rapid acceleration to abrupt braking, the thumb-operated remote control is brilliantly suited for the best electric skateboards.

Using the thumb-operated remote control, you will find it very easy to adjust to and before you know it, it will be become more intuitive to use, providing you with a safe and secure connection between you and the electric board.

OK, here is all. 







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