Teamgee H6 Electric Skateboard, 100 Miles Review From Customer


Thanks, @OfficialNicl for the review.

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As always, reached 100 miles time to talk about this beautiful board!

Been riding it daily, 10 miles or so a day so now I hit the 100 miles-milestone!

Had a blast of a time with it, not much bad to say been solid with only minor bad things.

So let's start with the speed, 18.5mph does not sound like a lot right? I can say that is more then enough, the board is clearly set up for carving and not high speed and it carves really wheel and still handles the higher speed very well! Bushings are - PERFECT! Not too hard neither too soft, good duro and good return maybe the first time I can say YOU DONT NEED TO REPLACE THEM!

The trucks are the same story, really good a little slop but a new higher grade kingpin and its good!

Also, 10 miles, can that really be true on such a slim deck with such a small battery? Yes, 10 miles is what I've been hitting the past few rides after putting a few charges on it but that would all depend on the rider and speed since I've mainly been riding it in slow mode with cruise control but I'm able to get 8 miles with higher speeds just fine so still o-kay.

A few people have been worried about vibrations, it does for a fact have minor vibration issues but after 20 miles the wheels get worn in and you no longer have or feel it so its something to keep in mind if you feel any.

A lot of people have been worried about how well it holds up and does it brake downhill?

Holds up very well, only noticed a few scratches on it turns on every day and strong remote signal also yes it does brake on a full charge downhill but you can never trust that so don't do it.

I also had the chance to race against a Wowgo 2S and try one out to compare, and the smoothness of the Teamgee is not far off being the same as the Wowgo it does have harder brakes but I see that as a good thing rather than a bad thing since you can go to a complete stop and the topspeed is a bit slower but able to follow the wowgo no problem.

Overall for 529, I feel like it's a good investment, not a speed monster but its proven to hold up well for the time I've used it and still looks good.

Only complaints I have are the front bearings, few stripped screws on the ESC cover from the day I got it and it was kinda poorly packed. (Arrived with no marks) But a price reduction of 29 dollars or adding spare rear wheels and it would be the ideal summer carver and more than worth it!

And in the end, I wanna give huge props to Alex at Teamgee for offering amazing customer service and always there to help you when you need it!


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