Electric Skateboards: Why are they so Heavy?


One of the biggest questions regarding electric skateboards is why they’re so heavy. Most of them hover around 18 to 20 pounds, which doesn’t sound like much but makes it difficult for an average person to carry around on their shoulder or throw in their car without assistance. But the weight isn’t just about convenience, as there are actually some important reasons for the weight that you should know about before buying your next board.


The Different Parts Of An Electric Skateboard

The parts of an electric skateboard that make it heavy include the batteries, the motor, the drivetrain and bearings.



Located in the deck of the board, but some boards may have a removable battery pack.



Attached to or near the wheel and drives it via belts or gears.



Consists of two or more wheels connected to one axle on each side of the skateboard with a set of bearings for support between them. Some heavier-duty boards may use ball bearings instead. Lastly, the motors and other electronics are what bring this all together by converting electrical power into rotational motion to turn the wheel.
The weight of these parts can range from three pounds (without motors) to upwards of 12 pounds (with motors). If you’re looking for a lightweight electric skateboard, The teamgeeh20mini, which is small, flexible and has a good battery life, will be a good choice.There's also a chance that if you buy an electric skateboard without batteries included, you'll be carrying those too! These could weigh as much as four pounds apiece, depending on how large your packs are.The installation position of each skateboard is also different, for example, longer boards usually require additional support in the middle.
So while there isn't necessarily a single answer to why Electric Skateboards are heavy - it really does depend on the specific design and configuration!


Propulsion System

The reason why the electric skateboard is heavier than the ordinary skateboard is because it has a propulsion system. Typically, Electric Skateboards Need Electric Motors to Power, which can either be hub-mounted or belt-driven. In the case of a hub-mounted motor, it attaches to a wheel and converts its rotation into linear motion. This type of motor is more common on boards with smaller motors and lighter riders in mind, because weight makes them less powerful.
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A belt-driven motor is also attached to a wheel, but instead of converting its rotational motion into linear motion like a hub-mounted motor does, it converts it into rotational motion while being situated around the circumference of the wheel in question. Belt-driven motors are generally better for heavier riders and larger boards, as their ability to store kinetic energy gives them greater power and torque.
Therefore, the storage of these energy requires a lot of weight to support his use.

Electricity Storage System

The weight is not a problem for most people as the board can support up to 220 pounds.The effect of weight on electric skateboards was also mentioned in previous blogs. The real problem is with the battery, which has to be heavy in order to store enough energy and power the motor that drives the wheels. With this being said, it is important to remember that there are two main ways of storing electricity in an electric skateboard. One option is using lithium-ion batteries which typically have a much lower storage capacity compared to lead-acid batteries. The other option for electric skateboard makers is using lead-acid batteries which has been around longer but does not offer as much range per charge as lithium-ion batteries.


Frame, Deck And Truck Components

The frame, deck and truck components are usually made of wood or aluminum. As the second echelon of the entire electric skateboard weight component.The deck is the wooden platform that the rider stands on to ride the board.
The Truck component is what holds the wheels in place, and the frame supports both the deck and truck component.
The Frames can weigh upwards of 10 pounds.
The Decks can range from four to six pounds and trucks weigh between two and four pounds each.
These numbers may seem high for one board but it's worth noting that a regular skateboard weighs around eight pounds without its wheels or bearings added in. It's also important to remember that the weight distribution on an electric skateboard is much more centered than a standard longboard, where all of the weight rests on your feet. Only when you actually stand on this electric skateboard can you understand.


Complete Electric Skateboard

After talking about the whole article, you must have a clear understanding of the weight distribution of electric skateboards.In the future, we're looking at a world where electric skateboards will be lighter and more powerful. No need to fret about weight restrictions because there won't be any- thanks to advancements in technology!

Next I will introduce some electric skateboards for you to consider

1) Teamgee H20T Electric Skateboard With Rubber Wheels

  • Top Speed: 26mph/ 42kph
  • Size: 38*9*0.6inch
  • Range: 22miles/ 35km
  • Hub Motors: 2*600W
  • Load: 130kg

This one is made with stability and comfort in mind. Rider stability is further supported by the warped sides and concave formation design of the wheels that help the shockproof and stable nature of the board on uneven surfaces.

 2) Teamgee H20 Electric Skateboard Longboard

  • Top Speed: 26mph/ 42kph
  • Size: 38*9*0.6inch
  • Range: 25miles/ 40km
  • Hub Motors: 2*540W
  • Load: 130kg

H20 is designed for riders who focus on speed and performance. On open roads and densely populated cities, this board brings you the speed and response you need for confident and smooth navigation alongside traffic.

3) Teamgee H20mini Electric Skateboard Longboard

  • Top Speed: 24mph/ 38kph
  • Size: 31*9*0.4inch
  • Range: 18miles/ 30km
  • Hub Motors: 2*450W
  • Load: 130kg

H20 MINI electric skateboard has a short deck and functional kicktail which makes the board easy to turn and fun to ride.


Wish you a happy day here🥰🥰🥰

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