The Invention of the Electric Skateboard


It's no secret that we're completely and utterly obsessed with the electric skateboard here at Coolest Gadgets, and we're not alone in our love of this amazing invention. Since its creation in the late 90s, the electric skateboard has undergone many iterations and improvements in design, but today it's arguably better than ever before - no mean feat considering how incredible these contraptions already were to begin with! The question on everyone's lips right now, however, is how was the electric skateboard invented? Let's start with skateboarding.Keep reading to find out...


Invention Of The Electric Skateboard

1.What is the skateboard?

The skateboard is the most popular form of transportation in the world and it's considered by many to be the inventor of the modern day inline skates. The early stages of the skateboard were made by surfers who would ride them on top of long, thin pieces of wood. However, surfers soon realized that these boards didn't provide enough control when riding at high speeds because they lacked any type of treading like those found on roller skates. Nowadays, there are various types and brands available for all ages and skill levels. From beginner street cruisers to professional electric skateboards, you can find anything you need to get you where you want to go. Newer models include ones with wheels much larger than their predecessors, but with the same price tag as before. Beginners can enjoy going at slower speeds while more experienced riders have more control over their speed and tricks. With such new innovations in the market today, skateboarding will continue to be one of the most enjoyable activities around!                                                          

2.Innovation in Skateboards:electric skateboard

On the basis of skateboards, electric skateboards were born.The electric skateboard was first introduced in 1993 as the idea of Rodney Mullen. He is a legend for inventing and mastering nearly 20 different types of skateboarding, from aerial acrobatics to flat ground tricks. A company called Melex had been formed by Rodney Mullen, Jay Shaffer, Larry Miller, Jessup Salkowski, John Stacy and Jim Thiebaud to create the first electric skateboards. The company developed an inexpensive version called the Flashback that works well on paved surfaces like roads or sidewalks but can’t handle rugged terrains such as mountains. 


3.The origin of electric skateboards

For decades, personal transportation was largely tied to the power of a human or the energy of the sun. But all that changed in the mid-2000s when the modern electric skateboard was invented. The origins of this device are in San Diego, California, where a group of engineers from Silicon Valley were lamenting their inability to skateboard near their office building, which barred use. Thus began an experiment with electric skateboards for these employees ’ two-month sabbatical from all forms of walking or biking. What started as a passion project soon became much more than just an exercise in fun. After tinkering with various prototypes, the final product was complete: a battery-powered vehicle that could be controlled via remote control or smartphone app and carried over 10 miles on one charge. Fast forward to today: electric skateboards have seen immense growth since 2008; They are now available not only at sporting goods stores, like the official teamgee website, but also at major retailers like Walmart and Amazon


4.The originator of electric skateboards

Electric Louie is the godfather of electric skateboards. He’s the one who started it all in 2009, when he set out to create an environmentally friendly form of transportation that would help people beat the high cost of gas. And then... he sold his first board online before he even knew how to ride it. The next year, he launched a Kickstarter campaign with two partners to make a premium model called The Jetson (named after George Jetson). The Jetson was also designed as an eco-friendly form of transportation but this time with some horsepower! They were able to raise $150K and now they are manufacturing three different models: the V3, V5, and the V7. All three models are extremely fast reaching speeds up to 22 mph (35 km/h) and have incredible torque for hills or headwinds.
One thing I always love about riding my electric skateboard is that it saves me so much time getting from point A to point B—especially because traffic has become such a huge problem lately. Not only do I get to bypass hours of sitting in traffic jams, but I can also use those hours doing something more productive than just sitting there. Plus, commuting by electric skateboard is easier on the environment which means we can reduce pollution without harming our planet like cars do.



Skateboarding Changes Lives

How Did It Become So Popular?

Electric skateboards have become incredibly popular because they are a new, lightweight, inexpensive mode of transportation that doesn't cause carbon emissions. They have been extremely well-received by consumers who see them as a convenient alternative to bicycles or motorcycles, which often require their riders to use parking spots.
Electronic skateboards can also be charged at night with minimal hassle, meaning that commuters can ride their boards all day without ever having to worry about finding an outlet during work hours. Even some boards are small enough, like the teamgeeh20mini version.It carry up stairs, making them ideal for people living in multi-story homes. For these reasons and more, it is no surprise that electronic skateboards are becoming more popular than ever before!


Why use an electric skateboard now?

There are many reasons to use an electric skateboard now. They can go much faster than a traditional skateboard, as well as climb steeper hills. Because they use power rather than human power, they make riding more accessible to people of all ages. Many electric skateboards come with components that allow them to be turned into rideable devices such as scooters or bikes so they are usable in more situations than just on roads or sidewalks. Some electric skateboards also have increased carrying capacity, which is perfect for running errands or grocery shopping. The speed and distance covered by these boards is unmatched by any other mode of transportation, which makes them ideal for those looking to save time. The lightweight construction of these boards makes it easy to carry them onto buses or trains without having to fold up their long parts first like one would do with a bike.

The appeal of modern electric skateboards

E-skates are steadily winning over enthusiasts of skateboarding and longboards in popularity. E-skates' battery capacity is becoming more robust, so they offer better torque, speed, range and endurance as well. For beginners, an electric skateboard gives you that extra boost to get up steep hills while experienced riders find it easy to ride at speeds of 20+ mph. The future of skating looks bright with e-skates! You can even purchase a kit for your board if you want to go all out and convert your old board into an e-skate (just be sure it has four wheels). 

Learn how to assemble an electric skateboard yourself👉 :DIY Electricity Skateboard



Electric skateboards are everywhere, and for good reason. They're affordable, durable, and most importantly, easy to ride. The electric skateboard has made a triumphant return as our favorite way to zip through cities and get around campus. Come and see your favorite electric skateboards


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