Can You Use an Electric Skateboard if You Are Really Heavy?


Can You Use an Electric Skateboard if You Are Really Heavy?

All right, the answer is YES.

That’s true maybe the e-skateboards are not suitable for everyone. But, let’s have a look into the limit weight of e-skateboards, cause maybe it’s only you believe that you are too fat. Let’s get down to business! 


Average Weight Capacity of Electric Skateboards

It is true that most electric skateboards' maximum weight limit is 220 pounds. However, if you are a little over 220 pounds or a taller, it maybe possible for you to use any electric skateboard with confidence.

However, overweight people who weigh over 220 pounds must be more careful when choosing electric skateboards, which will reduce unnecessary trouble and danger.


There are many optional e-skateboards on the market for heavier people, but in general, you will find that the maximum support weight is between 200 and 300 pounds.


Why we have a weight limit on e-skateboards?

Currently, there are no official weight restrictions on skateboards, but the structure of the skateboard will affect the maximum load capacity. If the weight is unevenly distributed, the deck may be folded in half. Therefore, heavy riders should pay close attention to the nose, tail, and middle of the skateboards.

Some tips to help you protect the board from broken.


  1. While riding an electric skateboard, please keep your foot planted where the main bolts are fastened.
  2. Don’t stomp on the middle of the board as you land which reduces your risk of snapping or breaking any electric skateboards.

Factors affecting the weight limit of e-skateboards

There are 2 main factors that determine the maximum weight capacity of the skateboard - material properties and motor power.

The skateboards are designed to be fairly thin, which means that their weight carrying capacity depends largely on the strength of the build material.

If e-skateboards are designed heavy that would not be easy to ride, no to say skill skating any longer. Besides, heavy skateboards are not easy to carry and may cause accidental injuries.

Another factor - motor power. The power of the motor also determines how much weight the skateboard can support.

If the weight carrying capacity is exceeded, the electric skateboard will not break immediately. However, you can’t  operate it normally because the motor isn’t able to move you.


Is skateboarding impossible for heavy people?

No. It can be possible for heavy people to enjoy e-skateboarding.

Many people believe that overweight people are not allowed to ride an e-skateboard but oppositely, it exactly a good method to lose weight, gain a healthy body as well.

One more time, there is no official weight limit on e-skateboard. If you try it and it can hold your weight, you still can ride it normally, just ride it not worry about your weight. An e-skateboard is not cheap like traditional board so choose it carefully to make sure you can have a nice experience of skateboarding.

Heavier riders may commonly get injure like ankle sprains.

Any riders may get hurt if someone disturbs them even worse for a heavier riders, so take care.


Worry about getting hurt when overweight skateboarding

Overweight and e-skateboarding seems too dangerous and can not be realized. But skateboarding is so exacting and I can not put it away. So don’t give up, we have other approaches to protect ourselves like wearing gears and learning to ride it safely.


Considerations for Overweight Skateboarders

It is very hard for overweight riders to find a nice quality of e-skateboard but it is not impossible.

You can find a suitable after doing some researches and know how to choose it.

Some features that are necessary for heavy skateboarders are listed below.

High-Strength Materials

This is a factor to be considered at first for every overweight rider. Harder board can be tougher and won’t snap in half in during use.

Powerful Motor

As stated before, power output is a crucial factor in electric skateboards. Overweight users must make sure that the motor is able to carry their weight.

A powerful motor can help them use their skateboard to its fullest and smoothly navigate inclines and other tricky areas.

Long-Lasting Battery

A powerful motor and a long-lasting battery can can give you a greater acceleration and ride a longer distance.

Careful consideration

Before you decide to buy an e-skateboard, you need to do dome researches on the market and find out one perfect e-skateboard that fully suits you. REMEMBER to check out every parameter to make sure normal ride for yourself.


Can you use an e-skateboard if you are really heavy?

I am sure now you have a clear answer and if you want to ride just to ride. Choose a proper e-skateboard and enjoy your skateboarding.

There are some of our e-skateboards below for you to have a consideration.

1) Teamgee H20T Electric Skateboard With Rubber Wheels

  • Top Speed: 26mph/ 42kph
  • Size: 38*9*0.6inch
  • Range: 22miles/ 35km
  • Hub Motors: 2*600W
  • Load: 130kg

This one is made with stability and comfort in mind. Rider stability is further supported by the warped sides and concave formation design of the wheels that help the shockproof and stable nature of the board on uneven surfaces.

 2) Teamgee H20 Electric Skateboard Longboard

  • Top Speed: 26mph/ 42kph
  • Size: 38*9*0.6inch
  • Range: 25miles/ 40km
  • Hub Motors: 2*540W
  • Load: 130kg

H20 is designed for riders who focus on speed and performance. On open roads and densely populated cities, this board brings you the speed and response you need for confident and smooth navigation alongside traffic.

For more e-skateboards, please do look forward to!

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