What Determines the Range of Electric Skateboards


Everyone cares a lot about the range of electric skateboards but, what determines the range of electric skateboards? Let us find out together.



The battery is the main part which keeps your board running, so it's definitely the most important factor in determining how far your board will go.

The larger the battery size, the more range you can get.

Battery capacity is measured in Wh (Watt-hrs), which is equal to voltage (V) multiplied by amps per hour (Ah).



When a board has to carry a lot of weight, it will require more energy to run, resulting in faster battery drain and shorter distances.

For every 30 pounds of rider weight, your board will consume about 4 watts/mile.

The same board model, but with different rider weights, has different board ranges. The heavier the weight, the shorter the distance traveled. (Note that this is the total of all the weight you carry on your e-skateboard)



2 main types of wheels: street wheels & all-terrain wheels.

The size of the wheels also affects the range of the skateboard. Larger wheels will roll faster, so they will travel longer distances than smaller wheels, but larger wheels are harder to accelerate.

All-terrain wheels have more drag, so they create more friction and reduce range.


Motor type

The motor directly affects the range of the skateboard.

The more motors you have, the more powerful the engine, the faster the board will run, but the faster the battery will run out. If you want a normal speed and a longer range, then go with a single motor.


Of course, the older the battery,the less power it can store so less range. 

Good riding habits can save you a lot of electric energy so reach a longer range. And even, smooth terrain can give you longer distance.


After knowing the factors affect the range of electric skateboards, I am sure you have ideas to increase the riding range. Below are some tips to ride your board farther,

  • Use a bigger size and brand new battery.
  • Don’t take too many things while riding your board.
  • Choose larger size wheels to ride farther.
  • If you don't need to go too fast, choose single motors.
  • Support the board when accelerating or climbing and avoid slope, muddy terrains.


If you have other tips to ride a longer range, please leave your comment freely.

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