4 Tips to Keep a Healthy Battery in Your Electric Skateboard


Long-term improper use of the battery in the electric skateboard, we can easily inadvertently damage the battery, resulting in lower battery storage capacity, so that the battery can not drive the electric skateboard ride the a long range as before.

I think it is very sad and expensive. The cost of replacing a battery is not very cheap either.

So, what can we do to extend the life of the battery in our daily use? Are there any tips to keep a healthy battery for our boards?

Of course, it is not difficult to maintain our batteries in a good way by some tips, so let's take a look!

4 tips to keep a healthy battery in your electric skateboard

  • Tip 1 

When you're done with a ride, it's important to get it on a charger and you don't want your battery sitting at 0%.

  • Tip 2 

Charge the battery to 100% every time, green light means 100%. 

  • Tip 3

If your battery has an on/off switch and you know you're not planning on riding for at least a couple weeks. Go ahead and turn it off.

  • Tip 4

Get out and ride your electric skateboard. These batteries aren't meant to sit and the boards are meant to be ridden.


All above are the tips to keep your battery in a good condition and let you ride freely without any worries.

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And if you have other tips for this, you could kindly leave in the comments. :)

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