Teamgee Board - The Perfect E-Board for College Students


The perfect college commuter electronic board

Teamgee electric skateboards range in price from US$299 to US$599. They are affordable and are ideal budget boards for students.

For students looking for a campus longboard with more power to climb hills, Teamgee's H20T model is the most powerful, with a 2x600W hub motor. But it still maintains a wonderful longboard feeling when cruising.

Teamgee H20 MINI is another good choice, super portable and powerful , with a 31-inch short deck and functional kicktail, making the board easy to turn and fun to ride. It is perfect for commuting or just for fun, and you can carry it with you everywhere you go.


Driving to and from campus every day pose a cost, which is not cheap. Therefore, the invention of rechargeable electric skateboards becomes a common solution for college students.

Moreover, the price of buses, trains, and subways is rising every year. Accordingly, people's demand for micro-mobile products is growing, and it is very necessary.

Teamgee electric skateboard advocates green traveling and contributes to a renewable future. At the same time, it helps all students and commuters fight the morning traffic to save time and money!


Compared with traditional skateboards, Teamgee electric skateboards are very easy to learn. You only need to spend a little time to understand how to use them and then do some practice before you can get on the road. Moreover, the campus provides a relatively safe road traffic condition. If necessary, the following is a blog for you to learn how to ride an electric skateboards,

Thank you!

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