Quick Tips for Riding an Electric Skateboard in Winter---by Teamgee


Befre the tips to ride, one thing we should bare in mind that,

Electric skateboards are not surfboards, please take good care of your bro, even with some kinda of IP54 or even higher, sorry but your board has its drives, deck and bearings to care about.

As a general rule of thumb, if it starts to rain or has just rained, it's best not to take your electric skateboard out on the bus or subway until the rain dries up. :>


*Wrap Up Warm

As long as your personal physical ability can deal with the cold on a dry road, you can ride an electric skateboard. But remember to wrap up warm and don't get a cold. It's definitely too cold for you to ride if it's too cold for you to walk due to the wind chill when you are moving. So put on extra a layer when you are riding, such as wear thermal underwear, layered jackets, none wind permeable cloths. And it is better to wear a full-face helmet, gloves, elbow and knee pads.


*Battery Charging 

Some people may hold an opinion that it is necessary to wait until the board is room temperature before charging after riding the electric skateboard on cold weather. Yes, it is necessary but has nothing to do with the cold weather. The main purpose of leaving the board alone for about half an hour is too cold the battery down because it is very dangerous to charge a battery when the battery is heated up after a long riding, which may cause battery damage or even an explosion. So after a long riding let the electric skateboard sit for a while before charging no matter in the cold or in the summertime.


*Battery Range In Winter

The battery range will be cut severely at low temperatures as lowering the ambient temperature causes chemical reactions to proceed more slowly than at a higher temperature. So you need to fully charge the battery or bring an extra battery to cope with electric skateboard to lose power in the midway of long distances. You also can extend your battery’s range by reducing your stop and accelerate frequency on your riding. Slower accelerating also will do a big help to prolong the electric skateboard battery range.


*Little Bumps In The Road
Immediately ahead there is a step that will make my skateboard or me jump up!
Jumping up?
For all skateboards, you can overcome little bumps and cracks with a little jump!

Spring off your eskateboard once you are coming over an obstacle, and only hop for 1cm hop then your wheels are coming over. Maybe the movement is not cool but it is useful and time-saving.


*Under Icy Or Snowy Conditions

Stopping your electric skateboard on a wet surface takes longer and you end up covering more distance before braking attribute to less grip for braking when a water layer between the wheels and the road. So you need to adjust your speed and braking point under icy or snowy conditions to avoid accidents.


*Complicated Cycling Road Conditions
In winter, snow days are indeed beautiful however, you will find the roads littered with branches, leaves, and nuts ...... Of course, it also depends on what season you are in and where you live.
The only thing we can do is, STAY ALERT!
Pay attention to the ground conditions ahead of you while riding. For example, branches in front of you or cracks in the sidewalk.
Maintain a wide stance that favors the back of the board, ride what you can and skip what you can't.


*The Specialized Wheels

You may going over snow and ice in winter riding, so installing the specialized wheels will be better. Such wheels should have a wide contact patch, grooves to displace water and a hard durometer. Replacing your PU wheels with all-terrain wheels or spiked wheels regarding the winter in your hometown.


*Avoid Riding On Snow That Contains Salt

In winter, salt is often used to melt snow on the streets. However, the lingering salt-laden water may damage the truck and other metal components due to their chemical reaction leading to rust. After riding an electric skateboard on snow that contains salt, you need to use the remote control to repeatedly operate the motor forward and reverse, to dry up the motor bearing and wipe other parts of electric skateboard dry immediately.


*Store It Properly In winter

Some riders choose to store their skateboard in winter. In fact, the battery does discharge even when you leave it alone. In order to avoid battery discharge and protect battery longevity, you need to charge your electric skateboard from time to time and keep the battery level in the range of 40%-60%.


Let us see some sayings about electric skateboard during winter.


Serious answer: I wear my baggy snowboarding pants and jacket over my business suit and e-skates commute to work as usual.


I've read on multiple places to leave it around 50%. It's sad cuz winter is coming for me...and that means 0- -10F (or up to -25C). With snow. So I definitely cannot ride for 3-4 months :(.

I'm gonna get my boards in November/december-ish and I'll have to store them. I may take a few rides and just freeze.

Also wanted to add... in the michigan winter, my range on the boosted board went from 4.5 miles on pro mode to 2-3 miles.


Anyway, stay safe, keep warm and enjoy your e-skateboarding, but remember not to push yourself!!




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