Am I Too Old to Learn How to Ride an Electric Skateboard?


Be Confident Take Your Time

Some people may ask "am I too old to learn how to ride an electric skateboard?".In fact, A large portion of riders is over 30s, because the electric skateboards being a bit too expensive for the younger crowd. Learning how to ride an electric skateboard have no age limit, you’re never too old to learn it, at least when you’re still healthy and in reasonable physical shape. Whether you’re in your twenties, thirties, forties or even fifties. You may not be a professional, but that doesn't mean you can’t have a lot of fun. There is still much time to learn, stop saying you are too old!

You can start from the "L" or "M" speed mode and go to a faster speed when you find yourself can well handle with the low speed. You may not rush to the fastest at once when you just start to ride an electric skateboard, which could cause serious injury if you fell off. Remember that every perfect thing needs practicing. To rush for the thrilling speed may also make you feel frustrated if you fell off or even injury, which is, of course, a bad bargain. The best way is taking your time to get familiar with your board performance and start slowly. For example, you gonna get familiar with your remote performance, such as how sensitive the remote is and the breaking strength.

You can try to practice your riding in a park or somewhere less crowed. Choose a space far away from the heavy traffic and pay attention to your surroundings from time to time in your riding in case of emergency.


Watch Online Lessons To Know More About Electric Skateboard

Try to surf on the internet for electric skateboard information. There are so many videos about electric skateboard, you can find them easily online, like on youtube. In this way, you can know some tips to ride safely, how to maintain an electric skateboard and how to choose the best board that suits you, etc. 
Also, you can add some online electric skateboard groups where you can ask some questions and get some feedback from warm-hearted people. You may also find some people start to learn how to ride an electric skateboard at their forties, fifties and even more ages just like you. The same hobby brings you guys together, there are many more experiences can be shared beyond your imagination. This is what the internet works for --- share the information, bond each other and help each other.


Warm Up Your Muscle Before You Ride

You can try to do some exercise to warm yourself up. It will be dangerous if you ride an electric skateboard with stiff ankles as it will affect your performance on turning the board's direction. Going to the gym or workout at home from time to time to train your core and legs and improve flexibility is a good option to keep a healthy body.

Since the long-time practice may make you feel tired, ask yourself, how often do you want to practice riding it and dose the training strength will exhaust yourself too much? For example, you can set a goal like riding it 3 times a week, 2 hours every time, you can take a rest every half an hour. Otherwise, you may feel neck is uncomfortable in the beginning as you always looking ahead in a long time riding. 


Wear A helmet & Inspect Your Gears & Bring A Tool

Always wear a helmet in your riding and try to wear other protective gears like kneel pads, wrist pads, and elbow pads, gloves( prevent your palms against bruising). Those who choose to wear full protective gear sets are the safest. Because doesn't matter how hard could the impact be, the rider will get maximum possible security or protection of his head and body.  Use a T tool to tighten up the screws of wheels before you write. When you find the board is abnormal in your riding, you need to stop and use a T-tool to adjust your electric skateboard.

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