It’s Not a Dream to Become Conan on Teamgee Electric Skateboard


When it comes to electric skateboards in film and television works, the first one that comes to many post-80s/90s’ mind may be the electric skateboard that can slide quite fast in the cartoon detective Conan.

Famous detective Conan, often chasing the killer by his super electric skateboard, which is a very high-tech things in our mind in childhood.

It is hard to image the Conan e-board come to reality after we grew up. Currently, we can easily turn into Dective Conan by riding an e-skateboard!


We would like to introduce you to the intelligent remote control Teamgee H5 Blade Electric Skateboard. Let us step on the Teamgee e-board and realize our childhood dreams together!

Shh... the electric skateboard are much easier to ride than regular skateboard ~


About Conan's electric skateboard

Dr. Agasa developed a solar-powered skateboard (maximum speed of 80km/h, upgraded to 120km/h later), is Conan's preferred travel weapon. All-terrain off-road e-board helps Conan flies the wall, brushes the street, catches criminals. Wow~ 

Of course, electric skateboard in reality can not go with the cartoon skateboard compared to Conan's electric skateboard which can do anything, faster than a bullet, even the flood can not catch up with him! This is probably the protagonist's halo hahaha!


Conan electric skateboard & Teamgee H5

We have an electric skateboard for adults - Teamgee H5 Blade Electric Skateboard

Thin and stylish appearance makes it popular among many skateboard lovers.

It cannot be said to be exactly the same, only irrelevant. Okay, just kidding.

Let's find out the similarities and differences between H5 and Conan's Super Skateboard.


  • Super thin best skateboard

    H5 blade e-board is designed with built-in battery, which makes it super thin (0.47inch), good-looking and quite light to carry compared with those boards with battery case under the deck.

    And the same as Conan skateboard, due to its solar powered way, what I can guess there is solar cells in the deck which make direct conversion of solar energy into electrical energy.

    •  Hub motor wheels

    We can ride the H5 electric longboard even when there is no power left, just ride it like a regular skateboard. So it is better than belt drive electric skateboard to some extent.

    And for Conan board, personally, it could be hub motor wheels as well, because we can't see the obvious belt on the motors.

    • Waterproof

    H5 is IP54 waterproof and possible to ride in light rain. Not to mention Conan e-board, which is super powerful to ride in the raining days, on the ice and snow, etc.

      • Driven by remote control

      Teamgee H5 is controlled by the remote held in your hand , you can speed up or down or brake simply. Also there are some parameters shown on the display, like battery power, speed, brake mode etc.


      The main differences are probably the speed, the source of the power supply. Of course this can not be compared.

      As far as I know, there is no solar-powered electric skateboard on the market, and the fastest board’s maximum speed can only reach Conan's initial setting - 80km/h.

      In fact, we do not need to pursue super-fast electric skateboard, fast speed also represents a higher risk. Enough speed can do a good job.


      About Teamgee H5 Blade Electric Skateboard($459.00)


      • Super-thin Deck

      Teamgee H5 electric skateboard uses ultra-thin lithium polymer batteries. The high battery power allows you to ride without worrying about charging. 

      • Lightweight & Protable

      Due to its small size and light weight, the battery is hidden in the deck, making the skateboard more portable during commuting. The built-in battery also ensures a nice and neat look.

      • Stable & Comfortable

      The deck is 15-20mm lower than most electric skateboards, which makes for a more stable and confident riding experience. The concave deck makes turning effortless and comfortable; the soft bushings make the board super nimble in sharp turns.

      • Replaceable Tires

      Even if it suffers severe wear and tear, you don't need to replace the entire motor. Just replace the electric skateboard tires and you'll have a brand new skateboard in no time. Replaceable tires of the same size are available in our accessory store.

      •  Reverse-mounted Bridge

      With Reverse-mounted Bridge, Teamgee H5 is closer to the ground and the lower center of gravity ensures a more stable and comfortable ride even at high speed.

      • Functional Remote

      Direction The Teamgee ergonomic remote is unlike any other. Featuring a digital display and intuitive design, it will not only allow you to control your board perfectly but will also keep you informed about the speed, battery and direction of your Teamgee electric long skateboard. The remote is even equipped with a LED flash- light to help you see in the dark.


      A video about Teamgee H5 Super Thin E-skateboard by Youtuber JasperBzone


      Top Speed: 22mpn/ 35kph

      Max Range: 18km/ 11 miles

      Load: 220lbs/ 100kg

      Board Weight: 13.7lbs/ 6.2kg

      Speed Mode: 4 speed modes, L(12kph), M(25kph), H(40kph), H+(40kph but strong start)

      Brake Mode: 4 brake modes, B1(tender), B2(smooth), B3(normal), B4(strong)

      Hub Motors: 2*380W

      Uphill: 20% grade

      Charging Time: 2hrs

      Size: 38*8.5*0.47inch


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