I Managed to Ride the Electric Skateboard in 5 Mins.


Do you know?

It took me less than 5 minutes to master the skills to ride! 

Yeah! I say 5 minutes!

I swear to the umbrella in my hand. (It's pouring rain outside)


An experience I am proud of


That Day,

We found an open ground with my buddies to play with this thing. Some of them can ride, others can not, including me:<


Scared & Refuse to Try,

But umm..I, just watching them happy maybe I want to try but scared.

It is a long story - because I fell off a regular board once I stepped on it...Can’t stand, not to mention the electric skateboard.

I was not going to ride!


Tried it Anyway,

There was a turnaround.

Everyone rode it and all eyes were on me: come on, try it ~ it's not hard!

So I had no choice!

: All right. I try..

Under my friend’s careful teaching...


Riding Secret Weapon

  1. Hold the remote control in your hand, then press the brake button.

( I pressed the accelerator to the end, and the board is very stable, like stick to the floor)

  1. Step on it!
  2. Slowly scroll the speed button, stop at a suitable speed. Hold this speed by pressing it with your finger to go forwards.
  1. Repeat the first step and you can return to the earth. 


Do not accelerate too fast or you will die very ugly!


 And the fact is,

Lol, I slowly rode 10 meters, slower than the passers-by.

Anyway, I made it and you can see my proud face if you are there.


Final thoughts

It is a piece of cake.

As simple as riding an electric scooter. Although I don’t want to ride a scooter either.

After a few more practices, you can ride it freely and confidently.

And then you try higher speed.

Well ~ that's roughly it.


If you want to know if you have the talent to ride an electric skateboard like me!

If you would like to try something new! (completely different from regular boards.)
If you just want to! No reasons.


Then (in a small voice), electric skateboard is your source of happiness!

For the trendy young, electric skateboard is really cool - worth a try~


So, what kind of e-board should I choose?

That's for sure, mine is from Teamgee electric skateboard.

And it’s H20T e-board.

It's very stable, umm., the chassis is stable. I feel I am safe on it.

Though H20T is designed for off-road! 


I prefer to H5 e-board, more suitable for city riding.

The back of the deck is gradient color, blue-pink, which is ok for both men and women.

Or you can buy some stickers you like, and turned the board into your favorite look.


One last thing!

Welcome to our official website to pick an electric skateboard.

If you buy one but cannot ride it following my secret weapon, I'll give you my umbrella. ( Still raining cats and dogs outsides! )



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