Reasons to Use an Electric Skateboard to Commute-by Teamgee



Complete independence and freedom to go wherever you choose

Riding an electric skateboard can make all your commutes feel like play. You can stop whenever you want and you are complete independence and freedom to go where you choose. It's similar to driving a car but in a more simple and enjoyable way. You don't need to watch the clock and waiting for the bus to come. You can slow down when you have enough time and enjoy your morning, or you can switch to a higher speed mode when necessary. In a word, you are in full control of your riding pace.



Riding an electric skateboard is much easier and cheaper than a car when living inner-city. As we all know, you need to pay much more fee if you choose to drive a car frequently. Such as parking fee, not to mention parking spot is tough to find in a downtown district. The gas money, car insurance costs, car maintenance fees also can be accounted for a big outgo. However, if you choose to ride an electric skateboard to commute, your car can have lower maintenance due to lower kilometers and less wear and tear on the car, car insurance costs may be lowered too as less use of your car may help to persuade your insurer to give you a cheaper premium.


Good for health

Riding an electric skateboard to commute can improve your balance and physical endurance. Compared to driving a car or taking a bus to commute, riding an electric board is a far more healthy way to commute, your physical training can reduce the risk of cardiovascular-related diseases.


Relieving stress & Preventing depression

Commuters can take the riding time to relax physically and mentally. Riding an electric skateboard can regulate emotions. It may give you a fresh morning and a nice mood in facing your work. And it might change your going to work mindset, which will cause a better performance at work and a more happy life.


Improving social skills

Electric skateboard is not only a commuter vehicle, but it also can be your hobby. There are many people share the same hobby with you in the world. It leads you to a big family, you can share thoughts on online groups, participate in the electric skateboard gatherings, or hang out with your friends to have a weekend adventure. All of these will make you feel like you are in a group and have more connections with other people all around the world.


Reducing urban traffic pressure

When you encounter a traffic jam, the feeling of being stuck on the road while worrying about being late can drive everyone crazy. The worst thing is like when you finally arrive at your workplace but couldn't find a parking spot. Riding an electric skateboard to commute can save these annoying things and reduce urban traffic pressure.



The electric skateboard is environment-friendly. It will not release harmful gases into the air or bring about noise pollution. It is not doubted that we need to do something to reduce pollution in our air to protect our environment. We can choose an enjoyable commute vehicle to add fun to our commute while protecting our environment, why not? 

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