How much should I spend on an electric skateboard?


Electric skateboards have taken off in popularity, and it’s easy to see why. These boards don’t require any skill to ride, are affordable, and are great fun! The thing that sets one electric skateboard apart from another is the amount of money you spend on it. What’s the difference between an entry-level board and a high-end one? Read on to find out!


Why you might want an electric skateboard?

You may have heard about electric skateboards, but do you know what they are and why someone might want one? If not, then read on. Electric skateboards are boards that have small motors in them that allow you to ride it like a regular skateboard, but with the assistance of an electric motor so your feet can rest. There is no need for pushing off the ground because the motor does all of that work for you! This is an especially good option for people who enjoy skating or snowboarding and want to continue doing these activities when winter comes around.


How much is an electric skateboard worth?

Backfire G2 $399
Backfire Ranger X2 $999
Meepo Mini Dual $299
Teamgee H20T $629
Teamgee H5 $419
Teamgee H20 $499

In the table above, the prices of a small number of electric skateboards are listed. It is obvious that the prices of electric skateboards of the same brand will also have large differences. Generally speaking, the price of electric skateboards will range from $200 to $2000.The reason for the price difference is the difference in the motor, deck, trucks and wheels and so on. 


The influence of different materials on electric skateboards

The Styles

Electric skateboards come in three different styles: shortboards (26-27 inches), cruiser boards (28-30 inches) and longboards (32-34 inches). Shortboards are great for urban environments because they are easier to carry and can fit into small spaces. Cruiser boards offer more stability and control, but require more space when transporting them.Longboards offer better comfort, and your riding experience, but require a certain amount of skill.

The Deck

Some manufacturers use wood to make the board more flexible and absorb vibrations, carbon fiber or fiberglass to make it lighter, and even titanium to make the board more durable.That said, different deck materials have very different prices for electric skateboards

The Truck And Wheels

For electric skateboards, the comfort of high-quality wheels and brackets can bring you a better riding experience.If you are more pursuing these, you have to spend more money to improve the quality of these things.

The Motor

The motor has single motor and double motor. For riders who pursue performance, they will choose to buy better ones that are more suitable for them, and the motor material made of copper coils is actually not cheap.

Skateboard Recommend

For friends who are just getting started with electric skateboards, our Teamgee H20mini is compact and lightweight with more convenience and usability. It is very suitable for starting an electric skateboard, and a better electric skateboard is when you have a certain understanding of the field of electric skateboards. Finally, you can try to assemble it yourself to have a better electric skateboard. For details, please refer to this article.

DIY Electricity Skateboard:How to build your own Skateboard? – Teamgee Skateboard (


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